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Moody Crows NFT {Oct} Find Newly Launch Crypto Details!

Want to have an overview of the Moody Crows NFT? Then, read the content and know its price, roadmap and other basic info.

Are you searching for the latest NFT collectibles generated on the Ethereum blockchain? Would you like to know about this stylish collection? Then we are here to share the details of Moody Crows.

The cryptocurrency markets have been presenting many new NFT’s from the last year. It has captured the people’s interest in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Let’s explore Moody Crows NFT and know the unique features that make this NFT collection different from all other collectables.

What are Moody Crows?

It is a collection of randomly generated NFT built on Ethereum. The moody crows have become the first platform to present PEP collectibles on IMX. The best part of purchasing this NFT is that the investors can connect their metamask wallet on the Ethereum blockchain to access the collection with no gas fee. 

More than five thousand moody crows have combined to form a Krowmunity. But what does this collection look like? Well, it is incredibly funny, imaginative and stylish. However, the generation of Moody Crows NFT is done for a good cause.

Founders of the Moody Crows

According to the details available on the official site, Cpuls is the founder of Moody Crows. Alvin does graphic designing of the NFT. Moreover, mantial.com has looked after the minting, publishing, and providing the smart contract address to the collectibles.

The team members have collaborated and worked together to offer a unique NFT that uses half of its royalties to provide funds to the charity. If you are interested in capturing more details of the founder and other members, we recommend you visit the official website.

Basic info of Moody Crows NFT

  • Blockchain used – Ethereum
  • Marketplace – OpenSea
  • Total collection – 10,000
  • Type of NFT -PEP
  • Gas fee – the two-layer system offers no gas fee to the investor

Roadmap of Moody Crows

  • The pre-sale of the Moody crows will be available at a lower price of 0.035 ETH on all NFT.
  • The forest will be introduced. It will be a place where all the holders of Moody crows will discuss trading and the future of the token.
  • The krow owners will be given a wallet from Krowmunity through which they can reinvest into the project.
  • The lucky members of Moody Crows NFT will be given free merchandise.
  • Moody pebbles will be launched as a collection of rare gems that the holders of Moody crows can own. 
  • The gems will be fused into mystery eggs to create new breeding.
  • Once the holder gets two crows, he will get a chance to generate an egg.
  • The community will sweep the floor at 2.5%. 
  • The royalties will be given to the charity chosen by the NFT owners.

How to buy the moody crows?

Currently, the collection is available at OpenSea. So, you can check the latest price and other details of the Moody Crows. By connecting your wallet to the platform, you can easily trade Moody Crows NFT.

Moreover, to remain updated with the latest tweets of Moody crows, check its Twitter Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the NFT of Moody crow available on Discord? 

Yes, you can join its discord channel via https://discord.com/invite/moodykrows

  • Who has designed the website for Krowmunity?



Wrapping up the article, we have shared all the brief details of the Moody crows and its roadmap. The pre-sale and exclusive rewards will offer benefits to the owners. So, if you are willing to buy the collection of Moody Crows NFT, we recommend you learn What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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