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Monster Clan Token (September 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

Are you eagerly waiting to gather more clues on Monster Clan Token? Then, know the complete details through this write-up.

Are you looking to identify the usefulness of an in-game token? Let us start our journey on yet another crypto-token, evolved with ample benefits.

India is investing in cryptocurrencies that might save little capital. However, some are adapting the tricks that will make them crypto-savvy. Through this article, we will introduce you to a token to avail benefits in-game or in trading. So kindly be with us till the end of the article on Monster Clan Token to identify its genuineness.  

Introducing the Game

The token is provided by a game called Monsters Clan, which is a monster NFT-based game. This game revolves around the behaviour of monsters in their world. 

In Monsters Clan, you will enter their world, where you have to gain and grant the monsters and feed them regularly. The monsters created are tradable and can be used in competitions. 

Let us now determine more cues on the in-game tokens. 

About Monster Clan Token

It is a digital native currency generated by the Monster’s Clan team, used against in-game purchases and rewards. Furthermore, it’s a BEP20 token constructed over the Binance Smart Chain Network. 

The main goal of the token is to provide a seamless transaction experience made between the players over purchases. Therefore, the MONS token can be used to buy potions or for renting monsters. 

Founder and Team Details 

When we were inspecting the token, it was detected that there are a couple of advisers associated in in-game Monster Clan Token, which is classified below:

Name  Role 
Shahzaib Ali CEO and Co-founder 
Marco  Manager
M. Siddique DevOps Engineer 
Umar Sattar Developer
Helena Rogers Partner Marketing Manager
Rao Naveed Strategic Advisor
Hisham Yaqob  Finance Advisor
Ahmed Khan  Developer 

Let us analyze the live price of MONS, which will help us to determine its worthiness.

Token’s Live Price 

The actual price of this token is $1.07, with a total supply of 100,000,000 MONS. However, the fully diluted valuation of the Monster Clan Token is $107,130,288. 

Total Supply and Other Statistical Data

  • The Ticker symbol of the token is MONS.
  • The market rank of the token is unavailable. 
  • The all-time low of the token was $0.937598.
  • MONS’s 24th-hour trading volume is not available.
  • The maximum supply of this token is 100,000,000 MONS.
  • MONS’s all-time high is $1.07.
  • The circulating supply of MONS is unavailable.
  • The fully diluted valuation of this token is $107,130,288.
  • Decimals are 18.

How Can Traders Worldwide Buy This Token?

If you want to purchase or sell Monster Clan Token, you can choose PancakeSwap (v2) (2) to generate more rewards in-game and enter into different battles. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is MONS’s official website?

A1. The official website of Monster Clan is https://monstersclan.com

Q2. What is the contract address of Monster Clan?

A2. Contract address is 0xe4c797d43631f4d660ec67b5cb0b78ef5c902532

Q3. How to buy Monster Clan?

A3. At present, PancakeSwap (v2) (2) is the most active token exchange platform. Visit here to know more about the token. 

The Final Words

We have understood the importance of Monster Clan Token in Monster Clan game with the help of this article. Moreover, the game is an NFT-based monster game, in which you have to develop your monster. 

The article has included the live price of the token along with other statistical data. The steps to earn the token via PancakeSwap are also highlighted in the article. Visit here to know about how to buy Cryptocurrency

What are your thoughts on the token? Kindly write your words in the comment box. 

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