Monsta Infinite Token (Aug) Get Reliable Information!

Monsta Infinite Token (Aug) Get Reliable Information!

Monsta Infinite Token (Aug) Get Reliable Information! >> Read this article till the end to know about the token yet to be launched and has come up with easy earning solutions for the players.

Various crypto games have attracted the interest of multiple players? Have you scrolled down these games yet? In this article below, we will inform you about one such gaming platform with its popularity in the Philippines and many other countries.

Monsta Official announcements have been made through their official social media platforms. The developers have also released various posts about Monsta Infinite Token.

Please scroll down this post to know about their launch and other related facts!

What is Monsta Official?

As claimed by their social media platforms, Monsta Infinite is an Axie inspired game on the blockchain platforms. This is also running on Binance Smart Chain and has also claimed to be the leading NFT game for the play and earn feature.

This is an Axie Infinity-inspired platform allowing players to play and earn from the same. Thus, this is an alternate for the players who are either already a part of Axie Infinity or looking out for other related games at lower costs. In addition, Monsta Infinite Token has the vision to help players earn extra money during this crisis of covid 19 pandemics.

Details about its Website:

Monsta Infinite website launch date is announced to be 12th August at GMT 20:00. According to their official Twitter page, the website is ready to be launched only within a few hours, releasing data about its prices, white paper, future prediction, and other details.

The website is developing a pre-launch craze in their interested players the mediums of discord and telegram platforms. They have recent updates over their platforms, asking their customers to join and be the part of their launch party.

Pre-Launch Details of Monsta Infinite Token:

The website is giving ten free NFT to their players who are a part of their pre-launch groups. These groups can be joined through their telegram portals. There will be around 4088 Inception Monsta during the launch, and the website is also looking out for the ten giveaways for Inception Monsta to all their early supporters and believers.

We have attached different links for their platforms.

  • Telegram Announcement:…
  • Discord:
  • Telegram:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Youtube:…

To date, there have been around 1000 members registered for pre-launch giveaways. Further, a few more slots are left, and only a few hours are left for the website and Monsta Infinite Token launch.

FAQs about the Game:

  • Is the token available?

The token is not yet been launched and is also not available. Stay Tuned to the platform for more updates.

  • Is the White Paper for token launched?

The white paper, roadmap and website for the platform and token have not been launched yet.

  • How to play the game?

The game will have similar gameplay to Axie, with additional tower defense as well.

Final Verdict:

All the details about this token have been mentioned in these subheadings. In addition, readers can check here to know more about this Monsta token’s launch, 

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