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Mohbad Burial Video Download: What Happened To? What Killed Him? Know Cause of Death, Wife & Net Worth Now!

Mohbad Burial Video Download process and location are unfolded in this article to let fans know the incident happened during the rapper’s burial.

Was Mohbad’s burial process obstructed? Many people, specifically youths Worldwide, felt outraged after knowing about the obstruction during the burial process of the late Nigerian rap artist.

A mild drama was witnessed on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, when a few outraged youngsters tried to obstruct the burial of Mohbad. Review this article about Mohbad Burial Video Download and why the process was blocked.

Description: The content in this post is sourced from online reports and does not encourage agony, violence, or harm anyone’s identification.

Can you Download Mohbad Video & What’s there?

No, the video is unavailable to download. The burial video clip of Mohbad shows a short drama by angry young boys who tried to obstruct the burial process of Nigerian rap artist and singer Mohbad. The rap artist and singer Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023. But the video is not downloadable.

Since the youngsters requested to give the Nigerian rap artist a dignified burial, they obstructed the process when it was not given. They also wanted that the location of the grave should be at a dignified place instead of burying him in Ikorodo cemetery.

What Killed Mohbad?

As per sources, Mohbad dealt with Malaria before his demise, and his life ended due to the usage of charm (juju) on him. However, these reports may be uncertain since Mohbad’s family has not disclosed the rap artist’s death reason.

Funeral and obituary:

Mohbad’s funeral was held at Ikorodu’s Lagos within a day of his demise. His funeral was held per the Islamic rites, and the preparation of his burial surfaced on different social networks. But, his Cause of Death is not yet unfolded.

While his remains were lowered in the grave in a casket, many of Mohbad’s relatives, family members, and acquaintances cried and grieved for the rap artist’s loss. It was shocking for fans to lose their favorite rap artist at this young age.

His spouse revealed that Mohbad went through many threats and pains before he passed away and was always fearful and engaged in challenges and fights wherever he went.

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What Happened To Mohbad?

As per certain reports, Mohbad took medical assistance for an ear infection and was given an injection for Malaria since the medical facility assumed of him suffering from Malaria. The report further mentions that the rap artist lost consciousness after a vaccine was administered to him, and he could not get up after that and was laid to rest.

However, the specific reason is not officially unfolded by authorities or the family members. Wunmi, Mohbad’s spouse, stated that his husband was suffering a lot as people used to title him as a junkie to give a different title to Mohbad. She is a widow at 24 and mourned her husband’s passing with agony and grief.

Mohbad’s Net Worth:

Mohbad earned about thirty thousand dollars annually, which he achieved from his singing and rapper profession. However, the unexpected passing of Mohbad was discussed and mourned on social media. 

Many users also reacted to the comments where the grave site was an objection for some youths. Mohbad’s passing reason is not yet confirmed officially.

Quick Wiki:

  • Real name- Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba
  • Nickname- Mohbad
  • Profession- Rap artist and singer
  • Age- 27 years
  • Date of birth- June 8, 1996
  • Date of Death- Tuesday, September 12, 2023
  • Children- one
  • Son name- Lian
  • Wife Wunmi

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Due to the burial location, Mohbad, youths and several online users talked about aka Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, who died recently. Since people wanted a dignified place for the rap artist’s burial, they created a mild drama at the site, making users surface the video on social media.

Did you witness Mohbad’s burial? Share if you were satisfied with the burial process.

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