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Mohammed Mogouchkov LinkedIn: Check Complete Details On Facebook, And Twitter Account

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to learn about Mohammed Mogouchkov LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Did you know about Mogouchkov, who was arrested in France for murdering a school teacher of philosophy – Martin Doussau, and injuring two others? What had happened at the school? Who is Mogouchkov? What do his social media posts indicate? Check more details about Mohammed Mogouchkov LinkedIn.

Content of Mohammed Mogouchkov LinkedIn:

Mogouchkov has two followers on his LinkedIn account, but his pages have no active posts. He mentioned his educational details as Lycee Carnot High School at Arras, Hauts-de-France. Mogouchkov knew five languages: Anglais, Arabe, Espagnol, Français, and Russe. Mogouchkov had completed Internal Combustion Engines Brevet de Technicien Supérieur cource. 

Internal Combustion Engines Brevet de Technicien Supérieur refers to a Higher Technician Certificate in Internal Combustion Engines. The study deals with how engines work, are designed and operated, how heat and fluids affect engines, how engines burn fuel, and how to control emissions.

Mohammed Mogouchkov Facebook account:

@Mohammed-Mogouchkov Facebook account was blocked. The search for Mogouchkov on Facebook populated results of posts related to the murder committed on 13th/October/2023. Some posts criticized it, stating the video provides all the evidence the world needs and every day is a global jihad day for them.

Such criticism and posts on Facebook appeared as Mogouchkov shouted Allah-hu Akber (God is Great) before stabbing a teacher to death. Mogouchkov was arrested and handed over to the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office. His brother Mosvar was detained to carry on the investigations.

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Content of Mohammed Mogouchkov Twitter:

@MogouchkovM had 18 followers, and only one video link posted from YouTube. The video post was about verses from a religious book, which meant:

  • It is highly important to recognize God’s signs and the consequences of denying them.
  • God gave humankind the ability to rule on Earth.
  • There will be severe consequences faced by those who deny God’s signs and reject His guidance.
  • People who engage in polytheism will face disappointment and regret on the Day of Judgment.

After the murder incident yesterday, 98 Twitter posts appeared on several users’ accounts. Mohammed Mogouchkov Twitter posts included videos and images of the incident.

The Twitter video showed Mogouchkov in a black jacket, black jeans, and white sports shoes approaching a teacher near an open area of a parking lot at Lycee Gambetta High School. There were five people present in proximity. However, everyone ran as Mogouchkov started attacking the teacher.

The school teacher used a chair to defend himself but fell to the ground, and Mogouchkov hit him with his legs. One person stated that he was terrified and rushed inside a room and locked himself. Mogouchkov stabbed the teacher’s chest and throat, who eventually died. Two other people were reported injured.

Mohammed Mogouchkov LinkedIn personal details:

Mogouchkov had migrated from Russia to France in 2008. Some online sources stated his Ethnicity as Russian-born Chechen, while several other sources report him as Russian-born Ingush.

The motive of Mogouchkov opting for barbaric act is unknown. Police has yet to disclose results of initial investigation with Mogouchkov and Mosvar. Mogouchkov did not mentioned any professional work experience in his LinkedIn profile. 

Social media links:

France: Macron calls stabbings ‘barbaric Islamic terrorism’
byu/Chooch-Magnetism inanime_titties


Mogouchkov was in the – Fiche S list (a confidential database maintained by French intelligence agencies for both French citizens and foreign nationals for surveillance and monitoring purposes). Mohammed Mogouchkov Facebook in the Fiche S list suggest a potential threat to national security either due to his involvement in terrorism, radicalization, or acts that pose a risk to public safety as per sources.

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