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[Updated] Mohamed Al Fayed Daughter: Read Her Wiki Page Details, And Biography, Also Check About Her Age, Parents, Net worth, Boyfriend, And Husband

This post on Mohamed Al Fayed Daughter will reveal information on the daughters of Mohamed-Al-Fayed. So, kindly read this post below.

Do you know Mohamed Al Fayed? Who are his daughters? Many people are searching and talking about Jasmine and Camilla Worldwide. In this post, you will know about the daughters of Mohamed Al Fayed Daughter and also we will discuss their life details.

It will be an informative post where you can read about Mohamed and his kids. So, all your questions will be answered here. 


Daughters of Mohamed-Al-Fayed

As per online sources, Mohamed-Al-Fayed is the father of two daughters and three sons. His daughters are Camilla-Al-Fayed and Jasmine-Al-Fayed. Some sources reveal that Jasmine is the oldest daughter and her birth year also reveals that she is older than Camilla. Also, there is no clarification on the birth date of Jasmine-Al-Fayed. According to our research, Camilla-Al-Fayed seems to be his younger daughter. Further, know about their wiki details.

DISCLAIMER: All the news on the controversy on Jasmine was taken from web sources. We are not claiming anything ourselves. The details have been provided on media.

Camilla-Al-Fayed & Jasmine-Al-Fayed: Wiki

The section includes the life details of both sisters in the same section. So, kindly read the table carefully and know about them.

The real name of Camilla

Real Name of Jasmine



Birth date of Camilla

Birth Date of Jasmine

February 16, 1985

December 1980 (Date is unrevealed)

Grandparents of Camilla and Jasmine Ali Ali Al-Fayed
Parents of Camilla and Jasmine Heini Wathén (mother) and Mohamed Al-Fayed (father)
Aunt of Camilla and Jasmine  Soaad Al-Fayed and Safia Al-Fayed
Siblings of Camilla and Jasmine Karim Al-Fayed, Dodi Fayed, Omar Al-Fayed
Spouse of Camilla-Al-Fayed 

Spouse of Jasmine-Al-Fayed 

Mohamed Esreb

Noah Francis Johnson

Occupation of Camilla-Al-Fayed 

Occupation of Jasmine-Al-Fayed 


Owner of fashion label, Jasmine di Milo

These are some valuable details on both sisters. Jasmine-Al-Fayed was in some controversy a few years back when she opened her fashion label. The online sources have not revealed much about her Biography, so we have provided only the information that has been mentioned in online sources.

Why was Jasmine in news previously?

As per sources, Jasmine opened her fashion department back in 2003 and faced a lot of criticism from the public. There was a barrage of criticism because she used her father’s name. Netizens believed that she has propelled her fashion brand by her father’s name. Some critics also accused her of not completing her degree in fashion and just completing a year of apprenticeship. But, later, all critics were proven wrong and her talent is proven when Victoria Beckham praised her.

The net worth of Camilla-Al-Fayed and Jasmine-Al-Fayed

There is no update on the net worth of Camilla-Al-Fayed and Jasmine-Al-Fayed. They are well-known personalities who have built themselves. But, their father was a more popular businessman and his net worth has been discussed by online sources. As per some sources, the net worth of Mohamed-Al-Fayed is $2 billion. Unfortunately, we could not get information on the net worth of Camilla and Jasmine. 

Death of Dodi Fayed

Dodi Fayed, son of Mohamed, died at the Age of 42. He was dating Princess of Wales, Diana. Unfortunately, on August 31, 1997, he died in a car crash. He was with his partner Diana who was also injured during the accident. She also died due to her injuries. 

DISCLAIMER: All the news on the controversy on Jasmine was taken from web sources. We are not claiming anything ourselves. The details have been provided on media.


The readers can also watch the interview of Mohamed Al Fayed  that was held many years ago.

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Camilla and Jasmine’s Husband & More: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was Camilla-Al-Fayed born?

Ans. She was born on February 16, 1985.

Q2. When was Jasmine-Al-Fayed born?

Ans. There are no exact details on her birthdate. But, some sources reveal that she was born in December 1980. She is the oldest daughter of Mohamed-Al-Fayed.

Q3. What is the net worth of Mohamed-Al-Fayed?

Ans. He has a net worth of $2 billion.

Q4. How many siblings does Camilla-Al-Fayed have?

Ans. She has four siblings. Karim-Al-Fayed, Jasmine-Al-Fayed, Omar-Al-Fayed, and Dodi Fayed. 

Q5. Does Jasmine-Al-Fayed have any Boyfriend?

Ans. No, she is married to Noah Francis Johnson. She is not dating anyone.

Q6. What is the net worth of Jasmine and Camilla?

Ans. The net worth of Jasmine and Camilla is unknown as no online sources have revealed the net worth.

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