Essential Tips For The Modern Traveler

Navigating Privacy Concerns: Essential Tips For The Modern Traveler

Being in a different environment comes with unknown risks and security concerns. Your privacy is compromised everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter if it’s CCTV, a plane camera, or hotel room surveillance. People want to know what you’re up to.

Modern travelers must assume that somebody is always watching. Here are some tips to navigate the privacy concerns you’ll face on your next trip.

Assume you’re constantly being watched

Walk on the street in any modern city, and you’ll see massive cameras stemming from every building. Every step you make gets recorded. There’s even software that can identify you based on how you walk. That sounds like a Black Mirror episode, but it’s reality.

You can find a planted security camera when you get to your accommodation, hotel, or Airbnb rental. Now that’s a step too far.

Report it to the host whenever you face a problem or something suspicious. No one should be snooping into what you’re doing in the bedroom, bathroom, or pretty much anywhere when you’re abroad. Nothing stops you from leaving if you don’t like what you hear from the other side.

Don’t let strangers look at your phone

When you’re sitting on public transport, you’ll often hear a notification ring, and it’s for the person right next to you. At a glance, you can see who they’re messaging or peek at their password. This is called visual hacking. Most people don’t pay attention to it. But hackers do. More than 90% of such attacks succeed.

One person next to you on the bus can see your password, and somebody outside can steal it from you. Because they already know how to break in, draining your credit card is a breeze. Not only that, but you’ll lose access to all your accounts.

You need to take your digital security seriously. Get a privacy filter and cover your phone. It’s like a protection foil, but much better. You’ll see the contents of your phone from a front view, and everyone peeping from the side will be looking at a black screen. This is step one.

The next step is to get a burner phone. Your entire life is on your phone. It’s much more convenient to bring a cheap replacement instead of risking stealing your main device. Modern travelers face loads of challenges that didn’t exist before. Instead of pickpockets, you face hackers who know something you don’t.

Use a VPN all the time

We’re all addicted to social media, and connecting to the first free Wi-Fi gives you a massive dopamine rush. You can upload great Instagram-worthy pics from the morning and see the likes and comments flow in. But there’s a catch. When you connect to an unsecured public network, hackers could intercept your connection and get access to your data or device.

Virtual private networks help you browse the web privately. They encrypt your connection and hide your IP address (and with it, the network ID), so you can browse with peace of mind in public Wi-Fi hotspots and your home.

Always connect to a VPN before using public Wi-Fi to prevent your online identity and private info from falling into the wrong hands.

Don’t tell everyone where you’re going

Post your photos and videos after you come back from vacation. That sounds counterintuitive for a lot of frequent travelers. But it makes a lot of sense in terms of security. If a criminal is following you, and you publicly announce that you’ll be going to a different country for the next ten days, they’re getting a jackpot. The criminal can call their friends, organize a home-breaking party, and steal everything from your apartment. You don’t want to come back to an empty home.

Don’t overthink it

If you take the necessary precautions, you don’t have to overthink your security risks. It won’t make your vacation fun if you always think a breach can happen. It can also ruin the experience for the friends and family coming along. Instead, follow these tips, and enjoy life with peace of mind.

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