Mneb Token (June 2021) How To Buy Contract Address

Mneb Token (June 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Mneb Token (June 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The below-researched article tells you everything about the trending crypto; please keep reading.

Cryptocurrencies are blooming with flying colors World Wide these days. Investing in Crypto makes you immensely rich though there are high chances you may lose your invested money also. Whether to invest or not is something you are going to decide by yourself.

Today we will talk about the complete details on Mneb Token that works on Blockchian system. Suppose you are here for the same reason, then please stay tuned with us till the end. 

About Mneb Crypto 

Minereum Crypto is a smart currency that works on blockchain technology. Following are the reasons why Mneb is better than others:

  • Low-cost mining and charges a one-time fee.
  • No electricity cost and no mining equipment needed.
  • One need not to be online, mining is transparent, and you know how much you are mining.
  • All upgrade fees are scattered to free shareholders. you can be free shareholders easily.

The MNEB airdrop distribution is now over: 1,295,224 Genesis Addresses with 150,000 MNEB were dispersed.

Mneb Token Founder

As per our research, we realized that the founder of MNEB is still unknown, but Minereum BSC was released in June 2021. If we get to know more details, we will surely update it here.

The next major step team is working on is to launch a flyover service among MNE ETH and MNE BSC. This helps users covert MNE ETH into MNE BSC; this can be expected in the next 4-8 weeks. We will update MNEB’s further achievement here.

Mneb Coin Price

  • MNEB Price: $0.00
  • Symbol: MNEB
  • Contract Address: 0xd22202d23fe7de9e3dbe11a2a88f42f4cb9507cf

Mneb Market Supply / Coin Supply 

All the data here are taken from a reliable Crypto data analysis site, which is given as below:

  • Market Rank: No Data.
  • Market Cap: $0.00
  • Holders: 1,295,237 addresses
  • Transfers: 1,295,323
  • Mneb Crypto Max Supply: No Data.
  • Circulating Supply: No Data.
  • Total Supply: 194,278,349,550 MNEB
  • Trading Volume: No Data.

How to buy Mneb Token?

  • Go to Trustwallet, on the right top of the page; you can see two parallel lines. Click on it.
  • ‘Search token’ bar you can see on top of the page.
  • You can copy the contract address given in this post or from any genuine site.
  • And paste it in the ‘Search token’ bar.
  • After which, you will see Minereum BSC MNEB; turn the white button to blue.
  • To swap received Mneb Token, go to ‘Pancakeswap.’
  • Tap on ‘Select a token’ and once again paste the contract address here. 
  • Then hit the ‘Import’ tab. Hit ‘I Understand’ and ‘import’ again. 
  • Select the amount you to swap. At the time of writing this article swapping option is not working. If any update, we will let you know. As of now, you can collect the token for future use. 


  1. Is MNEB live on BSC?
  2. Yes, Mneb Token is now live on Binance Smart Chain.
  3. What are the trading option for MNEB?
  4. Initially, PancakeSwap and Minereum DEX are the exchanges available. One except more options in the coming future. To learn more about this coin, please hit on this link

The Final Verdict

We are not insisting anyone to buy or sell tokens here. It is completely your decision, but we suggest you analyze things carefully and start with a small amount. And our guide helps you to buy and swap the token easily.

Do you have any queries related to Mneb Token? Then please do share it with us in the comment box below. Also, what you must need to know before investing in Crypto, please read here 

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