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Are you the person who is more interested in watching bike racing and stunting scenes? Then, can you believe that a bold lady from India is shattering the gender biases on bike riding?

A young lady named Mukuttu is going viral on all social media pages because her excellent bike riding videos went viral earlier. But presently, her private video, titled Mkuttu Viral Video Download, has been released online. So here in this article, we will explain the details of the video.

Mukuttu is going viral on all social media

About Mkuttu Viral Video Download

Mkuttu is a young lady from Silchar, Assam region, India. She is famous for her bike-riding videos. Most men would be riding heavy-weight bikes. But Mkuttu took that as a challenge, and she used to ride heavy bikes. In addition to that, she will do all the dangerous stunts on the bikes. So, in this way, Mkuttu became a very famous person.

But recently, Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video appeared in all parts of the world. A private video of Mkuttu getting molested by a man was recorded and released online. We couldn’t see the full version of it as it was a susceptible issue to be viewed. So, downloading that video is very tough.

Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video

In the viral video, Mkuttu seemed to be wearing a sleeveless pink t-shirt. She appeared to be crying, and one unknown man removed her underpants and started to touch her in inappropriate places. Then tried to have intercourse with her by force.

In that trending Twitter video, Mkuttu was crying, and it clearly shows that Mkuttu didn’t give consent and the man was just molesting her against Mkuttu’s will. This is what the viral video is all about.

Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video

Can we see the video on Twitter?

No, many news articles started to talk about the news of Mkuttu. Still, we couldn’t see the exact uncensored version of the video because it was purely a molesting video where Mkuttu seemed to be completely undressed by that heartless man. So, the video was removed based on the community guidelines.

Silchar Mkuttu on Instagram

Mkuttu doesn’t have an account on Instagram, but we could see many trolls and memes regarding this sensitive issue. We could see some glimpses of the video, but it still seemed a troll version. 

After her private video got leaked, Silchar Mkuttu organized a press meeting, and she said that it happened unknowingly. Please don’t share the viral Instagram leaked video. She cried out loud as her molestation video leaked. 

But meme creators used this chance to troll her. As she said, everything happened unknowingly. This shows that content creators don’t know how to handle sensitive issues carefully.

Silchar Mkuttu on Instagram

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Is it available on Youtube?

The leaked private video of Silchar Mkuttu is not available on YouTube. Still, many News channels and other content creator channels have taken up this issue to telecast the absolute truth behind the video. 

In addition, many Youtube channels started posting Mkuttu’s public statements to the general public. In this way, people genuinely know what happened to Mkuttu and why that man molested her.

Telegram channel about the Silchar viral video

We can’t see the legitimate Silchar viral video links on Telegram. Many channels were created in the name of the video, but upon clicking those links, everything seemed to be bogus. Thus, it indicates that the biker’s viral video is unavailable on the Telegram channel.

Mkuttu’s statement on the viral video

As a human being, consent is everything when it comes to intercourse, if it is not present. Then, it will turn into a molestation case. Even in the Mkuttu case, molestation only happens. But some people were trolling her for that video; it was purely inhumane behavior. In that Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video, we could see Mkuttu pleading with the person to leave her. 

Upon the emergence of this video, Mkuttu took a stand for her, explained her past experiences, and urged everyone not to reshare the video.

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We have discussed every vital detail about the Mkuttu Viral Video Download. Currently, the video’s uncensored and full version is unavailable on the internet. So, we request that the readers not support these types of sensitive molestation videos.

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Disclaimer: This article talks about molestation and other sensitive issues. It contains age-restricted images as well.

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