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[Full Watch Video] Mkuttu Viral Video And Mms: Is This A Case From Silchar? Details On Twitter Clip

What is Mkuttu Viral Video And Mms? Is the footage trending on Twitter? Is this Case from Silchar City?

What are the details on Mkuttu Viral Video And Mms? Who is Mkuttu? Is she from Silchar? Why are people talking about the Mkuttu leaked MMS? What kind of content did that video present? People from India are discussing a viral video of a biker girl. Let us discuss the details properly about the biker girl from Assam. 

Mkuttu Viral Video And Mms

A case of a biker girl is going viral on social media once again. The original case is about a year old, but the video has been trending again since December 2023. The video had some intimate content of a girl. 

Mkuttu is a teenage girl from the city of Assam, Silchar. Mkuttu is a social media influencer and a bike lover. She creates videos with her bike, performing stunts and dancing with her bike. The viral video harmed her. 

Complete Details Mkuttu Viral Video And Mms

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How was Mkuttu Viral Video Leaked on Twitter?

As per the reports and details on social media, the girl herself posted the video. But she claimed it to be a mistake. Mkuttu uploaded an intimate video of her on Instagram stories by mistake around a year ago.

The videos went viral as her followers quickly installed them and shared them on social media. The video’s virality got out of hand, reaching thousands of people. It started to affect the girl in the video negatively. However, the video is not present on any platform now.

More Details on Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video

Soon after the video went viral, Mkuttu posted a story on her social media. She requested everyone to delete the video and help her to stop spreading that video. She cried and sobbed in the video, pleading with netizens to eliminate that MMS. She claimed that her life had been ruined because of that video. 

The video was shared so much that it started to reach her family and friends. As per sources, people began to point fingers at her and her family. The video was shared as a grown-up film on many websites. Mkuttu was wearing a pink t-shirt in her video when she asked everyone to delete her video. 

More Details on Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video

Mkuttu Viral Case is in Trend Again

Mkuttu and her leaked video case has now been discussed again on social media. The video was leaked on Instagram and spread quickly on other social media networks. More details about Mkuttu are not available online because she is not a big celebrity. 

Mkuttu was a small content creator who usually created content with her bike. She has a KTM Duke 250. Mkuttu is a talented biker, and she is around 18 years old. She is studying in the college and is from Assam, India. But, Mkuttu Viral Video Leaked on Twitter significantly harmed her image.

Social Media & More Details

As per the reports and other sources, her Instagram handle was ‘@Mkuttu8.’ However, the account is nowhere to be found. We searched on Instagram a lot but needed help tracing Mkuttu on the platform. We have assumed that she may sometimes be taken off social media after the incident.

Her TikTok account is also unavailable because the TikTok application is banned in India and some regions. No Twitter (now X) account of Mkuttu was found. Silchar Mkuttu Viral Video created chaos in the young biker’s life. She was a regular content creator on social media. Her talented stunts and bike wheelies were terrific, and everyone enjoyed her content.


In today’s article, we talked about Mkuttu, a biker girl from Assam. Her intimate video was leaked a year ago, but the topic is trending now once again. People are discussing the details of the incident and sharing their insights on the case. Mkuttu is a college-going girl from Silchar who is around 18 years old. She used to create biking content on her social media. But after the Mkuttu Viral Caseher social media accounts are inaccessible. If you wish to know more, please watch this video here.

Have you watched the Mkuttu viral video? Please comment on your reaction if you have watched the leaked Mkuttu video below. 

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