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Mist Game NFT (July 2021) Token Price, Prediction!

Mist Game NFT (July 2021) Token Price, Prediction! >> Are you trying to find crypto with good returns and want to enjoy games at the same time? Then read this entire article.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currency or virtual currency which is based on cryptography. Crypto are used for trading, gaming, payments and many other services. The traders are always searching for the best cryptos in the market. However, Crypto investments are non -governmental, so loss and profits are at your own risk. 

Here in this writing, we introduce a virtual currency Mist Game NFT, a game token. People Worldwide are showing interest in trading Mist Token.

So, let’s discuss.

About Mist Game Token:

MIST game token earned by playing an epic multiplayer game, used for farming inside and outside games. You can get rewards when you stake, and you can invest in farmland or shop items to earn rewards again. Mist token is a blockchain-based token on NFT action RPG on Mist games. You can collect NFTs like epic monsters, pets, mounts, weapons, armour, player skins and spells in a fun way. Earned NFTs are in-game items that help to get bonuses to players. 

MIST token is on Binance Smart Chain. If you visit Mist Game NFT official website, you will get all the information, and you can also check NFTs like Ember Ursus, Stage of Mozuer, Shield of Agrazzak, Viridis Lupus and many others. In addition, there are special game characters like Crusader, Enchanter, Ranger and many others.

Founder of Mist Token:

The MIST coin was launched in Q1 2021, is run on BSC was created by Anonymous Developers. In April 2021, Mist was in a partnership with Solid group. Kick pad, Solidity Finance, Vendetta capital, Au21 Capital, Mantra Dao, DuckDAO, JUN capital, X21 digital, Exnetwork Capital. In the team, Timothea Hopewell, Eric Su and Garlam Won are advisors.

Mist Token Price:

The price of Mist Game NFT is as follows,

  • On CoinMarket Cap – $0.1778 with a trading volume of $13,150,688. The price is down 10.39% in the last 24 hours and ranked #835.
  • CoinGecko – $0.180332 with a trading volume of $9,605,150. The price is down 9.3% in the last 24 hours and ranked #888.
  • Cryptorank – $0.176 with trading volume of $113,070. The price is down 12.10% in the last 24 hours and ranked #768. 

Mist Coin Supply And Market Cap:

Mist has allocated out of gaming 20%, in gaming 3% for staking and farming, for marketing and exchanges 10%. 

  • Total Supply – 1,000,000,000 
  • Circulating Supply – 56,357,088 
  • Maximum Supply – 1,000,000,000 
  • Market Cap – $10,645,877

How To Buy Mist Game NFT?

Mist tokens is on PancakeSwap, PancakeSwap V2 exchange. Here are the few simple steps to follow.

  • First step is to login into Binance Smart Chain exchange.
  • Go to your Metamask Wallet
  • Connect your wallet to BSC.
  • Open the Metamask and go to custom RPC
  • Enter all the network and currency info.
  • Switch between Ethereum network and BNB network 
  • Then go to PancakeSwap, connect metamask, transfer bnb from binance to your wallet 
  • Select Mist Game NFT token, enter contract address here   
  • Then enter the amount and swap.

Price Prediction:

Worldwide, people are curious to know the price prediction. Price goes up to $0.4 in 2022 and might reach $0.8 in 2023. At the end of 2027, it goes up to $15.77. Cryptocurrencies are high-risk assets. Price may go up and down. Hence we advise you to make a responsible decision about your investments.


  1. Is Mist Tokenis on Coinmarket Cap?

Yes, Mist is on Coinmarket Cap.

 Is it a profitable investment?

Yes, in the long term.


There are many such type of crypto currency available in the market, but buying the right one is what an investor want. Mist Game NFT is one of the token where one can look to buy for future profits and it is advised to download best crypto app 2021.

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