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Minyak Telon Viral Video: Are Link Video Viral Minyak Telon 2023 Available for Twitter, Reddit, Telegram & Tiktok? Check Details Now!

The article details Minyak Telon Viral Video and provides in-depth knowledge of the content present in the viral video.

Have you come across a recent viral video that has become a topic of discussion? People from Malaysia, France, the United States and the Netherlands were shocked to find the video of a high school boy using Telon oil on his sensitive areas. 

The article will provide complete details about Minyak Telon Viral VideoKeep reading the complete article to know the details.

Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information. The news given here is taken from online sources.

Updates on Minyak Telon Video

In the viral video, we can see a high school boy rubbing telon oil in his sensitive areas, and people who came across the video were extremely shocked and distressed to find the explicit scenes circulating on social media platforms.

Complete Link Video Viral Minyak Telon 2023

The link to the viral video is unavailable, and we cannot post any such links in our article as it is unsuitable for people to watch. However, people eager to find the video can search on various websites and see whether the video is still available online or not.

Is the Video found on Reddit?

The video was circulated on all social media platforms, including Reddit. Still, as of now, we have not found the video, and it seems that the official authorities have taken it down. After the video circulated, the brand received many jokes and memes. 

People’s reaction on Twitter

Netizens are creating different means on Twitter and posting them online, making fun of the oil brand. The video is indecent, and the video is leaked on various WhatsApp groups as well. The student himself recorded the video, and it is said that he posted the video online.

Can the viewers find the viral video on Telegram?

We have not seen the video link on Telegram channels, and we cannot say whether the video was posted on this platform. But as the video gathered attention on all social media platforms, it would be no shock if we came across the video on Telegram.

Social media links




The viral video contains explicit activities, and we suggest people ignore these videos. It is also requested to stop sharing such explicit videos online and try to limit the spread of the viral video.

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Minyak Telon Viral Video-FAQs

Q1. Who is the boy in the video?

The boy is a high school boy.

Q2. What is he seen doing in the video?

The boy is seen rubbing Telon oil.

Q3. Is the video inappropriate for viewers?


Q4. Was the video leaked on social media platforms?


Q5. Are the images and videos still circulating online?

People are making collages of pictures and videos and posting them online.

Q6. What is the name of the boy?


Q7. From where the video originated?


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