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Mina Contract Address (Aug) Price, How To Buy?, Chart

Mina Contract Address (Aug) Price, How To Buy?, Chart >> If you are looking for details about the Crypto network and its essential details, then read this article.

In this fast-growing world, digital currency is also making a significant value in the market. All over the Worldwide several currencies are launching every new day.

This article talks about the Mina protocol, the currency that aims to solve several problems in running DApps. Read This article to know facts such as Mina Contract Address, price, prediction and process to buy them. 

Also, it is essential to ensure the basic details of the digital currencies before investing your money. So, stay tuned till the end.

What is Mina Protocol?

Mina was released in 2017, and the main goal of the company and the team members is to form the better connection to create a network for computer currencies.

This currency minimizes the problem of the third-party. It is available on the blockchain with various options. So, if you are planning to buy Mina, then read this article further to know about Mina Contract Address.

Founders of Mina

The currency was established in 2017 with many future plans. From the last few years, the company is trying to build the required network. The founder’s name is essential for any organization, but the team member and founder name are not mentioned.

But the block producers are Bison Trials, Fegment network, spark pool, etc. 

Market Cap and Supplies

  • Market cap – $579,236,892
  • Fully Diluted Market cap – $2,561,334,575
  • Maximum total supplies – 2,000,000 MINA
  • Total Supplies – 824,104,972
  • Circulating supplies – 191,825,083.84 MINA
  • 24-hour trading volume – $188,831,476
  • Mina Contract Address0xD5745a490f14CdA24bed11156d91Eb7A77c8CB1B
  • No. of holders – 47
  • Market rank – #108
  • Market dominance – 0.03%

Price of Mina and Its Prediction

The Current price of Mina is $3.11. It has experienced the rise of 39.87% in the last 24 hours. Other essential points regarding the price are as follows.

  • 24-hour rise or fall – $2.30 / $3.44
  • Change in price – $0.6451
  • 7 days high or low – $1.90 / $3.52

The price prediction of Mina states that in upcoming years the value will increase. 

  • End of 2021 – $4.58
  • 2022 – $5.17 
  • 2023 – $6.57
  • 2024 – $7.93
  • 2025 – $9.16

Mina Contract Address

The contract address is used to make the exact purchase of the tokens from the uniswap applications. According to the research, the contract address of Mina is 0xD5745a490f14CdA24bed11156d91Eb7A77c8CB1B.

How to Buy Mina?

To purchase Mina, follow the steps shared below.

  • Sign up or log in to your Kraken account.
  • If you are purchasing it for the first time and ensure the details such, as contact number, DOB, etc.
  • First deposits the cryptocurrencies such as DOGE or ETH
  • Add the amount or payment mode 
  • Click on the buy option to get Mina

Also, paste Mina Contract Address to exchange it with other currencies.


Q1. What is the official site of Mina?

A1. You can visit https://minaprotocol.com/ to check the official site of Mina.

Q2. Which platforms hold the information of Mina?

A2. You can check the details on Coinmarket cap, Coingecko, Poo Coin, and Etherum.com.

Q3. Which currency is used to buy Mina?

A3. You can use any type of currency such INR, USD, etc or digital currency to buy Mina.


Hope this clear discussion of Mina will help you know the future of this currency.

The prediction states the price will surely increase in the upcoming years, so investing in it could be beneficial using Mina Contract Address to exchange. So before investing in Crypto, check the best apps to buy Cryptocurrency 2021  and to explore well before investing in the crypto.

Are you satisfied with the details? It would be best if you also share your opinion regarding Mina in the comment section below.

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