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Mimir Coin (Dec 2021) Contract Address, How To Buy?

Please peruse this account to gain knowledge about the Mimir Coin, which participants can earn or stake in a recently launched crypto quizzing platform.

Are you good at general knowledge and current affairs? Do you wish to participate in online quizzes? Are you keen on cryptocurrency? How about earning by answering the questions correctly in the quiz? So please read on to gain information about a crypto project regarding quizzing.

In this composition, we have discussed the Mimir Coin, a crypto token backed by a blockchain network. Furthermore, people from several nations, including Turkey and the United States, can earn by participating in quizzes on this portal related to various genres. 

What is Mimir?

Mimir is a gaming crypto platform related to online quizzes and is grounded on the Polygon network. The users can get paid to play the quiz or stake the tokens to claim a bigger prize. The questions belong to various topics, and the available quizzing modes include Play Free, Play-to-Earn, 1 Vs. 1, and Play-to-Win. 

Founder of Mimir

Viktor Sodermark is the founder of this project.

Price of the Mimir Coin Today

The current valuation of the Mimir token is $0.607139.

Mimir Token Supply / Market Supply

The developers have launched this token recently on 5 November 2021. Therefore, the real-time market tracking data is not available in totality on the Web. However, as the trading of this token has just begun, we have found the below details.

  • 24 Hour Trading Volume – $1,366,779
  • Fully Diluted Valuation – $60,135,969
  • Total Supply and Maximum Supply – 100,000,000 MIMIR

Apart from the above data, we also researched that the number of holders who have shown interest in the Mimir Coin till now is seven with ten transfers.

How to Purchase the Mimir Tokens?

The team will launch the token on 6 November 2021 in Uniswap. So please find the steps below to buy these crypto coins from this portal.

  • Create an account on any trusted cryptocurrency exchange and buy some Ether.
  • Download an Ethereum compatible wallet like MetaMask.
  • Deposit the required amount of Ether in MetaMask.
  • In the Custom Add Token section, add the contract address of Mimir to the wallet.
  • Visit Uniswap and search for Mimir with the trading pair $MIMIR/ETH.
  • Mention the number of Mimir Coin you want to buy, after examining the current market price and other statistical data, expected to be updated shortly.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are there any live tournaments in this portal?

A1. Yes. The team shall conduct live quizzes from Stockholm consisting of ten to fifteen questions.

Q2. What is the contract address of this crypto coin?

A2. The smart contract address of the Mimir token is 0x71dc40668682a124231301414167e4cf7f55383c on Etherscan. 

Q3. Do I need any entry fee for playing the quiz?

A3. Not always. The Play Free mode involves free registration and playing. However, you have to stake your Mimir Coin in the Play-to-Win mode to earn bigger prize amounts. 

Q4. Can I view updates about this crypto project on social media?

A4. Yes. The team actively handles its social media pages on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and Instagram. 

Q5. Have people started buying this token?

A5. Yes. There were seven token holders when we wrote this article.

The Concluding Thoughts

The team has started posting updates on its social media handles, such as Mimir’s Twitter profile , welcoming participants from worldwide. First, however, we request you be aware of How to Buy Cryptocurrency (2021) A Perfect Guide before investing in this token. 

Have you played the quiz to earn Mimir Coin? Please share with us in the comments below section. 

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