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Mimi Parker Low Cancer: Know Cause of Death! Check Wiki to Know About Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Boyfriend & More!

The below post will help you to get the knowledge for the recent demise facts of Mimi Parker Low Cancer.  

Did you know about the death of a famous songwriter, vocalist, and drummer Mimi Parker? This post is based on the life details of Mimi and the reason behind her demise. A member of the famous band Low died recently. Mimi was known in countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Germany, etc. 

Let us get to know in detail about the details in specific and other factors related to Mimi Parker Low Cancer. Stay tuned for further information and learn more about Mimi Parker and her life. 


What was the reason for her death? 

Mimi was a strong woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer about two years ago in December 2020. Mimi passed away on 5th November 2022 during night time. Her husband, also a member of the Alan Sparhawk, announced the news to the public after her death. They had been dealing with her cancer for years, and she had stayed strong during this period. 

Alan said she died between her loved ones as cancer was her Cause of Death. At first, it came to the fans’ notice when the band tour was canceled because Mimi could not travel on 15th August 2022.

Mimi Parker’s obituary and funeral details 

The band has officially shared the news of Mimi Parker’s demise through their social media account. But no news has been released about her funeral. Mimi’s obituary also has not been released. We are waiting for the statements of the family and friends regarding the matter. Till then, people are requested to wait patiently and let the family grieve the loss of Mimi Parker Low Cancer.

After the statement was issued, people got emotional and heartbroken over losing such a wonderful and talented soul and prayed that her soul might rest in peace.

Mimi Parker’s social media handles 

Currently, no accurate information about Mimi Parker’s social media handles is available. But you can refer to her band’s official accounts for further reference. 

Taking social media as a platform, her husband Alan told people to keep their loved ones sacred; love matters most in the end. Here are the details about her social media handles –

Mimi Wiki or Biography 

  • Name: Mimi Parker 
  • Age55
  • Profession: Vocalist and drummer. 
  • Date of birth: 1967
  • Date of death: 5th November 2022
  • Parents: Not Known
  • Net worth: 2 million dollars.  
  • Husband: Alan Sparhawk 
  • Kids: 2
  • Boyfriend & MoreNone. 

Mimi Parker’s life details 

Mimi comes from a family with a musical background. Her mother was a former country singer, and her sister was a drum player in high school. Later, she also married one of her bandmates. She joined the band, and in 1994, they released their first album named ‘I Could Live in hope.’ 

The band has worked with various celebrities and performed in many shows.

When she talked about ovarian cancer on one of the podcasts, she said that people break through such solid and intense treatments. But Mimi Parker Low Cancer did not break down and firmly faced it with her family and friends. It was bound to happen, and she accepted it. 

Final Summary 

People all over share their grief and sorrow upon Mimi Parker’s death and pay their tributes through posts and messages. She dealt with her cancer for two years, continued her treatments and work, and then passed away. May god give strength to her family and friends.  

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Mimi Parker Low Cancer: FAQs

Q.1 Who was Mimi Parker? 

Mimi was a member of ‘The low band as a drummer and vocalist. 

Q.2 When did Mimi die? 

Mimi died on 5th November 2022.

Q.3 Who is the husband of Mimi Parker? 

Mimi and her husband are fellow bandmates; his name is Alan Sparhawk. 

Q.4 How many kids does Mimi have? 

Mimi has two kids, Hollis, and Cyrus. 

Q.4 How old was Mimi Parker at the time of her demise? 

Mimi was 55 years old. 

Q.5 How many members are there in the Low band? 

Mimi Parker, John Nichols, Zak Sally, Matt Livingston, Steve Garrington, and Alan Sparhawk.

Q.6 When did Mimi get diagnosed with cancer? 

She was diagnosed with cancer in December 2020.

Q.7 When did the band debut? 

They debuted in 1994 and have been together for about 27 years. 

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