Million Token Chart 2021.

Million Token Chart (July) How To Buy? Contract Address

Million Token Chart (July) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new MM token so that investors can make a worthwhile investment.

The Crypto investors in the United States are attracted to a new decentralized digital asset designed for millionaires by the millionaires called Million with ticker symbol MM. The crypto token is pegged with the minimum value of $1 with a fixed supply.

However, the token gained immense popularity, and its usages is heightened, resulting in increased market cap and value. The token is available for trading on major exchanges with ticker MM. 

Interested investors want to learn more about the token, and below is the comprehensive Million Token Chart for your help.     

What is Million Token?

Million Token is the new and famous digital currency designed for the millionaires and by the millionaires.

It is the decentralized digital currency designed to expand the crypto world. The token is launched and backed by TechLead, the former Google and Facebook tech lead team.

MM token gained immense popularity quickly, resulting in the increased market value of the token. Despite launching with a negligible value of $1, it has registered an all-time high market value, attracting millions of crypto investors worldwide, including the United States.

Investors are urged to check the online Million Token Chart for a deep market cap analysis and value before investment.    

Who are the Founders of Million Token?

As per the information on the official website of the token, the founder of the MM token is the Tech Lead from Facebook and Google. The token presently managed to have over 1 000 000 subscribers on the YouTube channel as Millionaires.

Besides, the token has over 9678 holders worldwide and registered a total transfer of 59 530 to date. The exact market value and capitalization chart have been shared below. 

Million Token Chart

  • Live Price – $191.58
  • 24h High – $229.80, 24h Low – $64.87
  • Trading Volume – $88 747 276.91
  • Market Rank – #2540
  • Market Cap – No Data
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $155 287 897.86 

Based on the market analysis chart of the MM token, the live price of the token is $191.58, with the increasing trend of 195.31% in the last 24 hrs. Besides, the highest trading volume of the token is $88 747 277 in the last 24 hrs with no price change registered in the last 24 hrs.

According to Million Token Chart, the live market cap data of the token is not available, and it is ranked at $2540. The total circulating supply data of the MM token is not available, and the maximum supply available for circulation is 1 000 000 MM coins.     

How to Buy MM Token?

Below is the guide on how to buy the MM token. 

  • Buyers have to create a digital currency wallet, like a MetaMask wallet
  • Transfer ETH or USDC to your digital wallet as it will be required for buying the MM token
  • Link your digital wallet to the UniSwap platform to swap MM token
  • But ensure to check the live Million Token Chart before trading
  • Use the contract address 0x6b4c7a5e3f0b99fcd83e9c089bddd6c7fce5c611 to find the MM token on the platform 
  • Trade MM token on UniSwap platform using the ETH or USDC 


Q1. What is the Official Link of MM Token?

A1. is the official link of the token.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of MM Token?

A2. Use 0x6b4c7a5e3f0b99fcd83e9c089bddd6c7fce5c611 as the contract address for MM Token.

Q3. What is the Live Price of MM Token?

A3. $192.16 is the live market value of the MM Token.


Investors interested in Million Token need to check the live Million Token Chart as the market value fluctuates. However, based on the live price chart of the token, it is worth investing in the MM token as the price is on an increasing trend. 

But, it is urged that investors look for the token’s live price chart and access the best app to buy Crypto in 2021 to avoid all online scams and frauds.  

What is the opinion on the new Million Token? Would you like to share it in the comment section? 

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