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[Update] Milana Khametova Age: Know About Her Family! Curious To Check Instagram & TikTok Profile! Get Trending News Here!

To get the exact Milana Khametova Age, scroll down the below article. Also, it will help you in getting trending facts about her.  

Have you heard about Milana Khametova? Recently Milana has been getting recognized as her follower list is increasing daily. People from around the world like to keep up with social media platforms and trending activities. People from Italy, the United Kingdom, and from around the world are willing to know about Milana.

In this article, we will inform our readers with information about the Milana Khametova Age and other relevant information.


What is the age of Milana Khametove?

Milana Khametova was born on 5 March 2010 and is 12 years old. She is a resident of Moscow, Russia, but she was born in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Milana Wiki Information

Full Name Milana Khametove
Nickname Milana
Date Of Birth 2 March 2010
Birthplace Novosibirsk
Age 12
Profession Model, Vlogger, Singer, creator
Marital Status Single
Zodiac Pisces
Nationality Russian
Parents Albina and Dava

Points about Milana Khametova’s Family

  • Her mother’s name is Albina, and her father is Dava
  • Her parents raised her, and from an early age, they enrolled her in dancing, singing, and gymnastics
  • Her parents started social media advertising for their daughter
  • She was only four years old when her mom created her Instagram account
  • Her mother let her participate in the children’s beauty contests and advertising shoots

Is Milana Khametove popular on Instagram?

Even though Milana’s account is not verified on Instagram, she is popular there. She has 1.3 million followers with 1613 posts. Her mom handles her social media accounts, where she posts her photos, collaboration shoots, and reels. 

She has a second account for her clothing line, Millisa Brand, with 83 thousands of followers on Instagram. She uses this account only to promote and advertise her clothing brand.

Tik Tok Profile of Milana Khametova

Milana’nstagram account had more followers than her Tik Tok account. , But Due to the restricted age limit of 13+, TikTok blocked her account from the platform. After getting blocked from Tik Tok, she is now active on the Likee app.

Social Media Accounts



Final Verdict

Milana Khametova is 12 years old and going to be 13 in March 2023. If you wish to know more about her, read here

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Profile (FAQs)

1-Is there any new update about Milana Khametova?

A- No, there is a new update about her. If there are any, we will inform our readers.

2- What is Milana Khametova’s Net worth?

A-Her estimated net worth is USD 10,000

3-How many subscribers does Milana have on her YouTube?

A-She has YouTube’s silver and golden play buttons with nearly 4 million subscribers

4- Does Milana post on her YouTube channel like Instagram?

A- Yes, she posts video blogs and music videos on her channel

5-Did she wins any beauty competition?

A-Yes, in 2016 she won the title of “Best Photo Model for Moscow.”

6-How many videos she has posted on her YouTube Profile?

A-On YouTube, she has posted a total of 333 videos 

7-Is Milana dating anyone?

A-No, she is just a child and not dating anyone. Currently, she is focusing on her career.

8- How many followers does Milana Khametova have on the Likee app?

A- On like, she has 2, 78 million followers with 1k posts and 61.82 million likes

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