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{Full Watch} Milagros Monserrat Video Original Twitter: Is Video On Instagram, Youtube

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Milagros Monserrat Meza’s murder footage from Mexico is being searched on the internet. It is because her family requested the video to be shared to identify the murderer and his whereabouts. People coordinated, making the video go viral. Let’s check the presence of Milagros Monserrat Video Original Twitter.

About Milagros Monserrat Meza:

Milagros was born on 10th August 1983. Little did she and her family know that death awaited her on her 40th birthday! It was a normal day for Milagros, who would have felt special as she got ready to leave for her job as a cashier five blocks away from her house in the Granada neighborhood of León.

On 10th August 2023, when Milagros turned 40 years old, her family had planned to give her a surprise welcome when she returned from work in the evening, as shown in a family interview on Youtube. But as Milagros walked on Lago Zumpango Street at 6:33 AM in the early morning, carrying her lunch box and purse, followed by a man with a huge build body.

A pre-planned murder:

The man wearing a yellow round-neck t-shirt and blue jeans was well prepared to tackle Milagros and came prepared wearing a rough shoe and a knife. The man appeared suddenly from the back of a black car parked on the street. He rushed towards Milagros.

Milagros tried escaping him and went around a white car parked in the same lane, as seen in Milagros Monserrat Video Completo. But the man got hold of her right hand and twisted it. Milagros cried out in pain and dropped her lunchbox on the street. Milagros tried to run. But, within eight seconds of grabbing Milagros, the man stabbed her four times.

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Content of Completo Milagros Monserrat Video On Telegram:

A residential CCTV camera captured the footage on the street. It showed Milagros sustained critical injuries with the first blow on her face and three stabbings on her chest and stomach. Milagros cried in pain and walked in a circular motion on the street, where her blood got scattered. At the same time, the man ran from the site. 

Video de Milagros Monserrat and arresting the murderer:

After Milagros’s death, her family requested people to help identify the murderer and his whereabouts with the help of Milagros’s murder CCTV footage. The murderer was arrested on 11th August 2023. Alejandro Navarro, the Mayor of León Guanajuato, announced that Miguel de Jesús Octavio ‘N was identified as the murderer and presented in the court. 

The full video was also telecast on news channels and is publicly accessible. There were 9 posts on Twitter, 253 YouTube reviews and news clips, 2 videos on Telegram, and zero posts featuring Milagros Video on Instagram

Court proceedings:

The State Attorney General’s Office charged him and approved six months of imprisonment until the complementary investigation was completed. Fearing threats, Milagros’s sister requested the court to keep the case proceedings private. The hearing was resumed on 18th/August/2023. 

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Police anticipate that Miguel may have opted for murder due to personal grudge and dispute. However, as case proceedings are private, details of hearing on 18th/August/2023 were not revealed and reason for murder remains unknown. Milagros’s supporters, her family and friends took to the street to protest and displayed play cards – Justice to Milagros!

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