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Mike Day Seal Obituary: Who Was Mike Day? Was He Commited Suicide? Also Explore His Full Wikipedia Details Along With Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

The article explains Mike Day and the cause of his death. It also has the biography of Mike Day. People can obtain the details by reading Mike Day Seal Obituary.

Who was Mike Day? Did you hear about Mike Day? Is he suffered any injuries or shots? Did Mike commit suicide? What was the reason for the suicide? Mike Day is from the United States, and people are surfing to get more details about his suicide. Consider reading the article to know more about Mike Day Seal Obituary.


Who is Mike Day?

On October 9, 1984, Mike Day was born in the United States. He was a famous Sport Cyclist. When he was 17 years, Mike Day turned into a professional. On April 6, 2002, Mike Day led to obtaining second place at ABA Winter Nationals in Arizona. Seal Death was a huge shock to the people. A professional win in the “A” pro category was his first on May 5, 2002 (Day 1) at the National Bicycle League Golden State National in Prunedale, California. Mike won on the next day as well.


Mike Day has participated in professional BMX (bicycle motocross) cycling since 1994. During the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008, he earned a silver medal in men’s BMX. Day qualified for the Semi-Finals on August 20 following his victory in both the Seeding Run time trials and sweeping all three runs of his Quarter Finals. Mike’s Parents’ details are not known. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Mike Day, in the Men’s BMX Final, won a silver medal, making him only the second American to win a medal in BMX.

Mike was the richest person in Sports cyclist and was listed as the most popular sport cyclist. His Net worth was $5Million.

The Navy SEAL lost 55 pounds in fourteen days in the hospital. Day’s physical recovery from the injuries took nearly two years. Even though Mike still experiences discomfort. Medical professionals gave the day a traumatic cerebral injury and post-traumatic stress disease diagnosis, just like so many other soldiers.


  • Name: Mike Day
  • DOB: October 9, 1984
  • Age: 39 years
  • Country Name: United States
  • Birth Place: Tarzana
  • Profession: Sport Cyclist
  • Net worth: $5 Million
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Height: 6.3
  • Parents: not known
  • Weight: not known

During his deployment to Iraq, former Navy SEAL Mike Day was shot twenty-seven times. On April 6, 2007, senior chief Mike Day, his team Navy Seals, and the Iraqi scouts were on the hunt for the Qaeda cell in Iraq’s Anbar Province. Mike committed Suicide.

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As per the investigation, Mike Day lost his life by committing suicide. The reason for the suicide is not yet disclosed. Further investigations are going on to get more details about the loss. Collect the details about Mike Day online.

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Mike Day Seal Height & More- FAQ

Q1. Who is Navy SEAL Mike Day?

He served as a senior chief Petty Officer for twenty-one years and three months in the U.S. He served as the Wounded Warrior Advocate for the Special Operation Command for three years after retiring.

Q2. Mike Day got shot how many times?

Mike Day was shot twenty-seven times and survived after the heavy injuries.

Q3. What was the height of Mike?

Height of Mike was 6.3

Q4. What is the age of Mike Day?

His Age was 39 years.

Q5. What is the reason for the death?

The reason for suicide is not yet disclosed, and further investigations will know the cause

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