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Mico Widget Apk: Check If This App Available To Download, Also Find Its Features

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Did you know the Micro app was updated on the Apple store on 2nd/September/2023? The 

Mico Lock Screen V3.7.0 is famous as Mico- Aesthetic Screen Maker in the Philippines. Would you like to know about the uses of the Micro app? Let’s check all the details in this Mico Widget Apk review.

About Mico Lock Screen V3.7.0:

Mico-Lock was launched on 14th/April/2023 for iOS 14 and above. Mico- Aesthetic Screen Maker installs a widget on iOS that is useful for beautifying the lock and home screen. Micro application is primarily used for customizing more than 300 wallpapers for the lock screen. However, the wallpapers can be applied to the home screen.

The wallpapers featured in the Micro app are 3D, and specifically for iOS 16, it featured unique wallpapers in HD. Though all the wallpapers come with 1080 pixel resolution, for iOS, the wallpapers are more vivid and colorful. 

The Mico App Download is unavailable for Android OS as it only supports iOS. Several unauthentic third-party apps are offering Micro app MODs that are not genuine. Such websites included the file extension of the iOS app as .APK but redirected users to import the app from the Apple store, which only supports iOS devices. 

The wallpapers also included templates with text. One of the unique features of the Micro app is saving the wallpapers for the home and lock screen with one click. On the lock screen, the users can include simple wallpapers with in-depth backgrounds and place battery percentages using pictures of animals, analog and digital clocks with background cartoons, Etc.

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Mico Widget Apk uses:

The users can also place their favorite (or) extensively accessed application on the lock screen, weather widget, calendar events, brightness shortcuts, Etc. All the wallpapers are in a 3D format that features phones with buttons, Nintendo screens, retro game consoles, various styles of photo frames, film-styled wallpapers, Etc. Such templates can be customized by including the clock, app shortcuts, and calendar.

The Micro app also offers a login event. The application provides pet eggs if a user unlocks the screen for a specific time. This feature became popular among the users. The Mico Widget Apk wallpaper changes its appearance depending on the amount of battery power. The Micro widget also supports emojis in emoticon packs, bear emoticon animations, flashing emoticons, flashing hearts emoticons, .gif emoticons, Etc.

The Micro widget also enables users to customize their application icons from more than 200 cute picture stickers, the daily sentence of self-affirmation and motivation, and high-end phrases in different styles and colors. Each wallpaper supports personalization with the help of the edit function. The user can also create DIY themes.

The Micro widget is integrated with the Apple Health app to display user health-related data. The Mico Widget Apk is available for free importing on the Apple store, 236 MB in size. The free features are valid for a certain number of days, after which it will automatically renew to a paid subscription of $0.99 monthly (or) $19.99 yearly. On canceling the subscription, the users can still utilize the free features of the Micro app.

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Guangzhou Zhifeng Information Technology Company Ltd. developed the Micro widget. It is ranked #30 in graphic and design apps. More than 1.7K users had rated it at 4.7/5 stars. Micro application supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish languages. For macOS, it requires an Apple M1 chip or above and macOS 11.0 or above.

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