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Michael Esposito Scam: Check Complete Information On Newsaratti, And Wedding Scammer

Check the Newsaratti and the Wedding Michael Esposito Scam to know about a person who had a lot of businesses that hurt a lot of people.

Have you ever been tricked or fooled by wedding vendors? In The Ringer’s podcast about real-life mysteries, the host- Justin Sayles, investigates a person who did something bad to many in the United States. Let’s check about Newsaratti and the Wedding Michael Esposito Scam to uncover the top# 4 true-crime podcast on Spotify!

About Michael Esposito Scam:

The Michael Esposito Wedding Scam was exposed to the global audience with a podcast on The podcast – The Crooked Caterer is narrated by Justin. The Crooked Caterer is a series of seven episodes. 

Two episodes were already telecasted. Audiences stated that the first episode was too slow to expose what was going on. But, the second episode caught the attention of the listeners as Justin built up the suspense.

Justin stated that the conclusion about the scammer could be driven only after listening to all seven episodes, where the last episode will reveal Michael Esposito, the primary suspect. 

About Michael Esposito Newsaratti scam:

Justin narrates how Esposito and his partners – Barrett Walters, were into content writing business in 2016. As per sources, Michael Esposito cheated the people by mentioning his fake identity. Esposito has used different names since 2016. Hence, no one is aware of his true name or identity!

Esposito, the owner of Newsaratti in 2016, hired staff for writeups. The staff was promised a whooping salary of $10K/month. As per sources, but, Newsaratti went out of business, and Esposito and Barrett were untraceable. None of the staff members was paid. However, was launched with a promise to pay the dues on filling out a form that was active until 16th/June/2023.

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Awareness about Michael Esposito Newsaratti scam:

Several Newsaratti members launched a Facebook page – @NewsarattiFake, to expose Esposito’s fraudulent businesses, including his SF catering services. Seventeen out of 26 customers provided negative Yelp reviews stating that Esposito took their money and never provided the service. The @NewsarattiFake Facebook pages stated that – Esposito, we know you are watching this page, and we will catch you.

Justin follows Esposito through a sham media company, a series of ruined weddings, and beyond, trying to find answers, as Barrett and Esposito’s Zen Craft promotion appeared on page-96 and page-104 of the Power Couples magazine in 2018. 

Michael Esposito Wedding Scammer:

After a cool-down period of 2-years, Esposito and his partner had restarted scamming people in 2018 by launching Zen Craft, a wedding vendor providing bundled services including catering, photography, florists, wedding planning, venue booking, DJs, Etc. 

Their customer stated that Esposito gave excellent trial presentations and trial recipe exploration. But Esposito used to cancel their services just a few days before clients’ weddings! His clients didn’t receive a refund.

Second episode was telecasted on 24th/October/2023, also available on Apple Podcast (iTunes). Episode-2 spoke about the scamming plot and included several testimonials. The podcast was 00:51:40 minutes in length and 112 MB in size for a file narrating plot of Michael Esposito Wedding Scammer.

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Police were unable to help as they could not serve notice to Esposito, as he never registered genuine address(including fake address of Zen Craft at The U.S. Bank Tower in LA, California). Five years after 2018, Spotify brings The Crooked Caterer, produced by Vikram Patel,Jade Whaley,Bobby Wagner(Sound Designer),Mike Wargon,Amanda Dobbins,and Justin Sayles(narrator),with music by Justin Catoni,and Scott Somerville as in-charge of Mixing and Mastering.

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