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Michael Cembalest Crypto (Feb 2022) All You Need To Know!

In this post, you will know about the latest Michael Cembalest Crypto statements trending on the internet.

Do you know why many crypto investors recently dislike Michael Cembalest on the internet? If you are closely following the crypto or financial markets, you might have heard about the latest statements made by Michael Cembalest, a private bank strategist on crypto. 

The statements made by Michael Cembalest is getting viral on the internet, and it has been trending for a few days along with the United States and throughout the world.

 In this post, let us move further and know about Michael Cembalest Crypto statements.

Why Are Michael Cembalest Statements On Crypto Trending?

His opinions matter because he has a broad financial career, and he is the chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset management. Recently he related many things with crypto and has given his detailed view on the crypto market, which made him the center of attraction. 

Therefore, the statements are trending on the internet. He also has made some of the robust comparisons of cryptocurrency on his statements.  

Are Michael Cembalest Crypto Statements With Or Against Cryptocurrency? 

The crypto investment has always been the hottest debate on financial markets, and many big investors are in its favour, and many are against it. 

However, Michael Cembalest is strictly against the ecosystem and investments of crypto. So let us take a brief look at the statements and know what he compared cryptocurrencies with. 

About Michael Cembalest Statements On Crypto

He made his point in detail and disclosed huge statements against crypto. The most highlighted part is the comparison with the story of movies like Maltese Falcon and by saying “The Maltese Falcoin: On Crypto and Blockchain.”

In Michael Cembalest Crypto statement he argued that crypto is encouraging hacks and attacks on exchanges, the volatility of crypto and how he thinks crypto cannot be the future of financial systems. He also mentioned, “he won’t buy cryptocurrency even if he wants to buy it”, regardless of how good it is doing. 

Reviews of Crypto Investors And Experts On Michael Cembalest Report

At the end of the report, he mentioned what blockchain experts said in his crypto report. Here are some of the statements:

  • “This piece is equivalent of judging the value of the internet in 1995”.
  • “Too US-centric”.
  • “Not enough discussions on future income streams associated with crypto”. 

These are the reviews mentioned in Michael Cembalest Crypto statements, and he is getting so much criticism from the majority of investors after the release of his statements publicly. 


We don’t promote or demote any market or financial views of individuals. This post is only for the educative purpose and nothing more. However, huge debates have been going on for quite a time about investing in cryptocurrencies. Visit here to know more about the report of Michael Cembalest.

What are your views on the statements of Michael Cembalest? Let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, do share this Michael Cembalest Crypto post for informing others. Also, check here the best crypto for trading in 2022.

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