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{Full Watch} MI Camarada Craneo Video on Telegram: Why Gore News Trending on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram & Twitter?

The write-up below uncovers the truth behind the MI Camarada Craneo Video on Telegram. Along with the netizen’s reaction, we informed them about the availability of the video.

Is Mi Camarade’s video triggering? People on the Internet are talking about the video going viral on different social media platforms, especially on Telegram. This video has made people react in a certain way. People Worldwide are shocked that humans have the strength to do such a thing.

If you are an explorer and want to know what this topic is about, you are at the right place. This write-up will give you all the details about the MI Camarada Craneo Video on Telegram.

Disclaimer- This article is only for informational purposes and does not aim to trigger any individual with the content. We do not promote such acts, and the information available here is on the Internet.

What is the MI Camarade Craneo Video?

In the viral video, a man is engaged in a horrifying activity. He calls himself “MI Camarada Craneo,” which translates as My Skull Comrade, and that’s also a reason people call this video the same name.

In the video, that man is holding a sharp knife in his hand; on the other hand, he has a mirror. As the video continues, that man scraps off his skull’s skin with the knife. Without any crying emotions, he seems to have fun doing that activity.

What happened when MI Camarada Craneo Gore scraped his skin?

When the man scraped off his hair and skin, maggots and flies were already living there, making people feel like puking. Upon giving attention to his injuries, it became evident that his wound region had been impacted by gangrene or necrosis. 

As he engaged in his activity with the knife, he began discussing his life and all the challenges he faced. Throughout the procedure, his facial expressions did not change and it appeared that removing his skin was not causing him discomfort.

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How did netizens react to MI Camarada Craneo Twitter video?

Most people stated that the video was so disturbing that they only had to cut off the video from the start. Others who find the video unusual and interesting said they observed that the man was insensitive to the pain and may have done the same thing several times.

Others said this video should be taken down from the Internet because of the triggering content, and if any children saw the video, then it would be haunting to them as it’s the same for adults.

Instagram users’ reaction to the viral Telegram video?

Many people on Instagram said that his actions were abnormal and authorities should take him to the hospital to check his mental state. Others said it was a long-term wound, and because of the lack of treatment, maggots developed inside his wound.

Netizens also stated that his body language reflects that the man had the drugs, which is why he could not feel any pain from the wound.

Is the video still present on Telegram?

Yes, the MI Camarada Craneo video is still present on Telegram and on different social media platfiorms. Other than that, a substantial amount of information is accessible regarding this subject. Individuals interested in viewing the video can locate it on Telegram.

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People are concerned about the man’s health and assume that he needs proper care for his behavior. 

Do you think that man is mentally disturbed or because of drugs? Jot down your thoughts on this article in the comment section below about the Twitter MI Camarada Craneo Video.

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