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{Full Watch} Mhiz Gold Trending Video Leaked On Telegram: Is Cast Video On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

The article on Mhiz Gold Trending Video Leaked On Telegram has discussed the topic briefly.

Who is Mhiz Gold? Why is Mhiz trending on social media? Which video of Mhiz has gone viral? Where did Mhiz’s video get leaked? If you want to know about the Mhiz Gold Trending Video Leaked On Telegram, read this article properly. People from Nigeria are trying to fetch details on this topic. 

Mhiz Gold Leaked Video

As per details, Mhiz Gold’s explicit video has been leaked online. The video has been trending by the name of ‘Mhiz Gold casting video.’ The footage was easily available on social media, and many netizens have watched it. 

The Mhiz casting video was said to be first leaked on Telegram. This footage has resulted in sudden attention to Mhiz Gold and increased her popularity. Details of the person who posted/revealed this video are unknown. Also, many people believe Mhiz is not the girl in the video.

Disclaimer: This article discusses a mature video of a social media influencer, but we will not provide link of it as its content is mature and inappropriate. 

Details About Mhiz Gold & Her Twitter

Mhiz is a social media influencer, a model, and an actress. She is from Nigeria, and she is very famous in her country. Mhiz has thousands of followers on her social media accounts. In most of her social media videos, her location is mentioned as Lagos, so we assumed that she lives in Lagos. 

Mhiz is famous for being funny, and her bold style amazes her followers. Details related to her studies, family, age, etc., are unknown. She posts different content on her account, and everyone loves it.

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More Details About Mhiz Gold Cast Video

The video had millions of views, and it was easily accessible. But now, the video is unavailable on social media or any other internet platform. We suspect the social networking sites must have removed the video due to its sensitive and mature content. Many netizens are unhappy to see the video because it is explicit and objectionable.

However, many netizens were searching for the video to watch as a source of entertainment. Mhiz has not released any official statement on her social media. But a few stories on her Instagram suggest she is outside that viral video.

Social Media Links Of Mhiz Gold

As a social media influencer, social media accounts are the things no one can overlook. Thus, we will provide details about Mhiz’s social media accounts. 

Instagram-Account Link:

Mhiz has over 46 thousand followers and uploaded 14 posts on her account. There is one more account with a few thousand followers by the same name, but it appears to be a different person.

Twitter-Account Link

Mhiz has just 109 followers, and she joined the platform in April 2023. She regularly tweets on her timeline. 

Tiktok Account

Mhiz has more than 850 thousand followers and has 20.1 million likes. She has uploaded more than 1,000 videos on her account.  


This article discusses a social media star from Nigeria, Mhiz Gold. As per reports, a mature video has been leaked on the internet, and many claimed that it is Mhiz Gold in the video. But, Mhiz claimed otherwise and is trying to explain that she is not the girl in that video through her social media account. However, she has not posted any official statement. Click here to see her explanation.

Have you watched the Mhiz Gold video on Youtube? Please comment if you have watched it. 

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