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{Full Watch} Mhiz Gold Big Mood With My Manager Video On Twitter: Lizzy Jay Husband Detail

Mhiz Gold Big Mood with My Manager Video on Twitter has been trending on Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram along with Lizzy Jay Husband.

Who is Mhiz Gold? Who is Lizzy Jay? What is Mhiz Gold Big Mood with My Manager Video on Twitter trending on the internet? What is ‘Big Mood with My Manager’? Is this a mature video? If you also wish to know more about Mhiz Gold, read this article. People from Nigeria are waiting for more updates.

Details About Mhiz Gold & Leaked Video

Mhiz has been trending on the internet for the ‘Big Mood with My Boss’ video. Mhiz Gold is a Nigerian and a social media celebrity. Allegedly, this is a very explicit video posted on mature websites, and people claim that Mhiz is the girl in the video. Mhiz Gold urged her supporters and the public to stop spreading false rumors almost 2 days ago through her Instagram

But the false news carried on spreading. Now, Mhiz has uploaded a short video on her to tell everyone she is not the person in that mature video. Mhiz was crying and sobbing in the video. Many people reacted positively, while others still did not believe her that she was not in Mhiz Gold Big Mood with My Manager Video on Twitter.

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Disclaimer: The video discussed in this article is an explicit one. Thus, we will not provide a link to it. 

Lizzy Jay & Husband Details

Lizzy Jay is a famous personality in Nigeria. She is an actress, and people know her. Details about Lizzy Jay Husband are not known. Recently, she has disclosed her ordeal to her fans that an unknown person is threatening to leak her private pictures. We need to find out how this topic is related to. 

Details About Mhiz Gold

Many fellow creators are supporting Mhiz Gold and spreading the right word for her about the ‘Big Mood with My Boss’ incident. Mhiz is a young online content creator, and she is from Nigeria. She is a brand influencer and a very famous TikToker. Many people believe Mhiz because there are distinct differences between the girl in the mature video and Mhiz Gold. 

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Youtube, Social Media Links & More

TikTok Account of Mhiz Gold:

She has almost 900 thousand followers on her account and more than 20 million likes.

Twitter Account of Mhiz Gold:

Mhiz has very recently joined Twitter; thus, she has fewer followers. But she is active on Twitter.  

Instagram Account of Mhiz Gold

Mhiz has more than 49 thousand followers on her account, and it took work to find her official account because there were many accounts with the same name.

As per reports, the girl in the leaked video trending on Telegram is Melanie Choco, who is also trending on the internet for the same reason. Now, people are listing similarities between Melanie and the girl in the video.


In this article, we have talked about Mhiz Gold, a famous personality from Nigeria. Who is trending on Youtube because of a leaked mature video? But she has announced that it is not her in the video. Even after the statement, many people do not believe her and spread false news. She is being cerebrally tormented due to this incident. A name has also been mentioned in this article ‘Lizzy Jay Husband.’ If you wish to watch the video on her official account, where she is crying, click here

Have you watched the leaked video? Please tell us what you think. Does the girl in the video look like Mhiz Gold? Comment your thoughts on the Mhiz Gold Telegram leaked video.

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