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Mh370 Satellite Footage: What UFO Flight Video News is on Reddit?

Find out the reality of Mh370 Satellite Footage and get complete exposure to the rise of the controversial video on social media.

Did you see the satellite footage of the missing plane Mh370 on social media? People are surprised watching the satellite footage of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which was expectedly missing since 2014. 

People of Australia and the United States were surprised to see the strange presence of the flight after a long-missing report. Therefore, we will explain the reality of Mh370 Satellite Footage.

Controversial satellite footage of MH370

A recent viral video that many people witnessed on social media created chaos among the viewers. The video contains a radio graphical image of the MH 370 and an unidentified spherical object revolving around it. Additionally, many other claims and proofs on social media claim that the missing plane was taken in possession by aliens. 

The viral social media footage is one of the prime questions of people. However, much speculation claims that this footage is edited, and people are using these graphical effects to create chaos with the presence of aliens.

Flight mh370 Satellite Video

Another video of flight MH 370 is getting hype and popularized on TikTok. People are constantly sharing a video of MH 370 flying over the territorial region of Thailand. The video contains a zooming effect of Google Earth, where the flight identification comes as MH 370 and tries to convince people about its legitimacy. 

According to the sources, flight MH 370 disappeared in March 2014 with a passenger count of 239. Additionally, as per the later report, many people speculate that the Americans or Russians hijacked the flight. However, there is no confirmation of this speculation, but people believe the fake rumors.

Mh370 UFO Video Reddit

Netizens repeatedly talk about the missing flight MH 370 incident on Reddit. The sudden disappearance of the flight brought lots of controversies along with fake rumors. The reality is that there is no information about the flight since its disappearance. There are lots of people on Reddit who comment that the flight got crashed. 

Eventually, there are no details about the presence of MH370. Moreover, people are also concerned about why military troops would hijack this plane, as they have nothing to do with the locals and travelers. Overall, Mh370 is still controversial after nine years of disappearance and multiple fake speculations. 

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Rise of Controversy with Mh370 Satellite Footage

The controversial videos of MH 370 gained popularity after the release of the Netflix documentary movie “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared”. The movie was released on 8 March 2023, and since then, people have been opting for their thoughts according to the story. 

Surprisingly, people don’t believe the Netflix documentary’s story and are unhappy with the movie’s creation. Although it’s been four months since the movie’s release, the documentary’s overall rating is 1.6. Moreover, the Netflix rating of the movie is 6.1 out of 10. The tragic event of the flight disappearance became a controversial and funny topic for lots of netizens. 

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Final Verdict

The missing Malaysian flight MH 370 remains controversial after a long disappearance report in 2014. There have been multiple speculations and rumors about the hijacking and crashing of the plane on social media. Netizens believe the presence of UFOs around the MH 370 as per the trending TikTok video. 

However, after confirmation, the report revealed that it was all fake. Overall there is no information about the presence of MH 370. What are your thoughts regarding the controversial video? Comment below.

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