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Mexico Alien Pictures: Are the Aliens Real? What Does Congress Alien Corpses Look Like? Check Reddit Post

Mexico Alien Pictures reveals the shocking image of a non-human existence corpse. Let’s discuss it in a detailed analysis.

Have you seen a picture of Alien trending on the internet? What is it about, and why are people curious about this unusual occurrence? People Worldwide are talking about reports shown by multiple Mexican media. Let us discuss the detailed information through Mexico Alien Pictures.

What is the latest news?

According to various reports, on September 12, alien bodies were exhibited to officials at Congress in Mexico. In an unprecedented session marking the Latin American country’s first congressional event on UFOs, Mexican lawmakers heard testimony that “we are not alone” in the cosmos and observed the claimed remains of non-human people.

Politicians were shown two objects that Mexican writer and long-time UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan said were the bodies of extraterrestrials during a hearing on FANI, the Spanish acronym for what is now commonly known as Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) on Tuesday.

Mexico Congress Alien Corpses– What does it look like?

According to examinations by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the tiny purported aliens, which lay in two crates during the hearing, are likely around 1,000 years old. According to them, the bodies were discovered wrapped in algae underground in Peru in 2017 and helped preserve them.

The figures resembled extraterrestrials, a fictitious film released in 1982. They were white, with big heads, three fingers on each hand, and long, slender limbs. “These are not mummies,” remarked Maussan. “These are complete bodies that have not been manipulated.”

Are the Mexico Aliens Real?

According to Maussan, DNA shows they are non-human beings thing, and nothing else in the world looks like this. However, Maussan added that he does not want to call them “extraterrestrials” just yet.

The bodies were supposedly discovered deep underground in the sandy Peruvian coastal desert of Nazca. The location is famous for giant enigmatic figures scraped into the dirt and visible only from above. The Nazca Lines are most commonly associated with ancient indigenous communities, although the formations have caught many people’s minds. Also, the report is testified by other researchers.

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What do people have to say about this news?

After the Alien Corpse Reddit was discovered, people started talking about the news. Many of them are surprised after learning about this alien picture released by the Mexican Congress. They are mostly surprised as it resembles how it is represented in a film. Most people comment that it is fake, but we cannot deny the fact that many researchers ran DNA analyses on these things. People appreciate the Mexican Congress bringing such occurrences in front of the world. The existence of aliens is a matter of curiosity among scientists and researchers. A video and Mexico Alien Pictures shown by the media of Mexico during the Mexico Congress live-streamed is trending and receiving different reactions. The news broke, and several clips of it trended on social media.

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“Non-human” alien corpses displayed at Mexico’s Congress, believed to be 1,000 years-old
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Disclaimer: The information written here is taken from the viral internet news. We are still determining many facts related to it as it will be part of the research.


Many news reports claim that two alien corpses have been seen, and it is believed to be around 1000 years old, discovered in the Peruvian city of Cusco. According to various reports, on September 12, alien bodies were exhibited to officials at Congress in Mexico. You can watch the news of Mexico Alien Corpse on YouTube.

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