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Metaxy To PHP (Feb 2022) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Do you also want to collect all the details about the Metaxy to PHP? This news writing will guide you throughout the coin.

Are you also coming across different news related to the changes and enhancement in the cryptocurrency and crypto world? It must be fascinating to invest in the crypto coins and get maximum benefits from them, but you find it tough to learn all the technicalities of the crypto coins, then this news writing will guide you throughout.

Let us talk about the popular coin of the Philippines named Metaxy. We will get the details about the price, statistics, and Metaxy to PHP value and other significant details. 

Introduction to Metaxy

This is a crypto coin popular in the Philippines, and the crypto coin is based on decentralized NFT. The coin is developed for the players of this game only. The coin develops and features unique characters in different games and enables the player to experience different superheroes battles.

The coin price is developed from MXY to USD in real-time, which can be checked on any official website of the trading crypto coin. The crypto coin has no circulating supply of coins available currently. 

There are 1,500,000,000 MXY coins available in the market, and Metaxy to PHP value is available. The coin has gained its popularity quickly, and you can trade in the coin if you are interested in the in-game features or want to invest in a decentralized platform.

Who is The Team Behind The Coin?

The team behind the coin is introduced through the official website. The CEO is Lionel Hough, Cris Leo is Co-founder, Joliot is CMO, June Phunug is CTO.; they are the leading developers working with a vast team to bring more success to the coin.  

Metaxy to PHP Value

The conversion value is ₱1.57, which has decreased to -45.67% in the last two days

What Are The Price Details?

The price of this crypto coin is $0.03121, which is 43.24% lower on the last day.

Statistical Graph

These statistics will specify more particular details of the coin, let us know about them:

  • Price change-$-0.03028
  • Trading volume percentage-127.03%
  • 90days low-$0.01438
  • 90days high-$0.06149
  • 7days low-$0.01795 
  • 7days high-$0.06149
  • Market rank-#3079
  • Market cap-1.86
  • Market volume- NA
  • Fully diluted market cap-$46,809,496.97

Where To Obtain Metaxy?

This is not easy to buy crypto coins; many technicalities like Metaxy to PHP value

need to be followed while getting any crypto coin. Follow this easiest procedure to get the crypto coin.

  • To buy the coin from Binance, first, make your account on Binance with verified credentials.
  • After this, directly link your master card or any card to buy the bitcoin.
  • Now go to the section on crypto on the official website of Binance.
  • Copy the contract address or directly search for the Metaxy.
  • Now check the price of the coin.
  • You can also link the official wallet to

Frequently Listed Questions

Q1. What is the Binance smart chain contract of the coin and Metaxy to PHP?

A1. The Binance smart code is 0x965d3704de812f5e1e7eef1ac22fe92174258bd9 and value is 1.57.

Q2. What is the trading volume of the crypto?

A2. The trading volume of Metaxy is $1,739,340.91

Q3. What is the web link to Metaxy?

A3. The weblink to Metaxy is https://www.metaxy.game/

Wrapping It All

Cryptocurrency trading is quite unpredictable; you need to research well, work on prediction and technical, and invest in the coin. Currently, the price chart of Metaxy is low; you may learn more about the coin here.

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