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Metaverse Token Coin {Nov} Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Read this article until the end to know comprehensive information about Metaverse Token Coin backed by Gold assets.

Did you know that Metaverse helps in encouraging on-chain evolution? Did you know that Metaverse had launched the Metaverse Foundation to invest in Metaverse-based startups?

Do you want to know about Metaverse Token is designed as a Blockchain Service solution(BaaS)? Did you know that Metaverse Token takes advantage of Zen Gold to profits? Do you know that Zen Gold’s physical gold can then be bought, sold, and tracked Worldwide?

Let us know check about Metaverse Token Coin in this article.

What is Metaverse Token?

Metaverse Token is popularly referred to as Metaverse Exchange Trade Product (ETP). Metaverse is a blockchain freely available that renders oracles in the Metaverse contract network, digital identities, and digital assets. This concept is structuring a smart properties network, and a redistributed publicly tradable smart crypto infrastructure.

Metaverse innovated the Metaverse Smart Token (MST) token standard similar to NEP-5 and ERC-20 on NEO and Ethereum. Investors wonder if Metaverse can compete and beat ETH and NEO.

Metaverse Token is used to evaluate smart contracts on the Metaverse BaaS. In addition, metaverse Tokens are used to pay gas and transaction fee.

How does Metaverse Token Coin work?

  • Metaverse Tokens increase liquidity and reduce management costs by utilizing the smart contracts on Metaverse Smart Token (MST). Such redistributed Tokens can be registered, spent, issued, transferred, burnt, and deposited. 
  • The Metaverse Tokens utilize Avatars (a digital identity) to tap the reputation on the blockchain networks. 
  • Oracles are the service providers that act as Metaverse network mediators.
  • PoW is currently governing Metaverse Token. Soon, Metaverse Token will release a hybrid Point of Sales model by next year.


Eric Gu and Chen Hao from a china based company are the Co-Founders of Metaverse Token Coin. It was launched in February 2017. Eric Gu is also co-founder of NEO and other popular blockchain projects. Currently, Eric Gu is the Chief Executive Officer of Metaverse Token, and Chen Hao is the Chief Technology Officer.

Price Statistics:

  • Price – $0.3036
  • 24h Low/24h High – $0.2924/$0.3235
  • 7d Low/7d High – $0.1417/$0.3497
  • 30d Low/30d High – $0.1417/$0.3792
  • 90d Low/90d High – $0.1417/$0.3891
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High – $0.07987/$0.5494
  • All-Time High – On 6th June 2017 (4 years ago) at $6.24, it increased by 95.14%
  • All Time Low – On 13th March 2020 (2 years ago) at $0.05953, less by 409.66%

Price trends:

  • Metaverse Token Coin 24H Open/Close – $0.3167/$0.3065
  • Price Change 24h – $(-0.01784), low by 5.55%
  • 24H Change – 3.24%
  • Metaverse Token ROI – 94.75%
  • Trading Volume 24h – $388,148.47, up by 25.84%
  • 24H Volume – $616,073.52
  • Volume/Market Cap – 0.01614

Market Statistics:

  • Market Cap – $24,053,844.04, up by 6.74%
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $30,341,142.76, up by 6.74%
  • Market Dominance – 0.00%
  • Market Rank #862

Supply Spastics:

  • Circulating Supply – 79,277,977 ETP
  • Total Supply – 81,278,074 ETP
  • Max Supply – 100,000,000 ETP

Metaverse Token Price Predictions:

  • End of November 2021 – $0.389
  • November 2021 – $0.4040
  • Metaverse Token Coin by November 2021 – $0.40019
  • November 2021 – $0.394
  • November 2021 – $0.388
  • November 2021 – $0.4058
  • November 2021 – $0.414

How to buy?

  • Open an account on any of the exchanges listed in the next section.
  • Deposit funds (or) cryptocurrencies into your account.
  • Buy Metaverse Token from Metaverse Wallet, MyETPWallet’s, and Cloud Wallet.


1Q. On which exchanges are Metaverse Tokens listed?

Ans. RightBTC, HitBTC, Bit-Z, TOPBTC, Bitfinex, MEXC, and Coinsuper.


Metaverse Tokens are an ecosystem that Zen Gold supports. It is available on many exchanges and supports many digital wallets. Experts predict that Metaverse Token Coin is a good investment option as its price may reach $0.36 by the end of 2021, and it has the potential to reach $0.8.

Do you wish to know more about Metaverse Token?

Do you wish to know How to Identify Bitcoin Scammers? Also, let us know your views about Metaverse Token.

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