Metanetflix Token {Jan} Contract Address, How To Buy?

Read about Metanetflix Token reviews to know its price, market, predictions, and its concept to decide on investment.

Did you know that the Metanetflix website was hacked? It made big news Worldwide. Metanetflix featured in the market from 14th January 2022 as a new NFT. Within a day of its launch, the domain was hacked. The price and market statistics of Metanetflix were also blocked on several cryptocurrencies reviewing websites. This event had a major influence on Metanetflix value.

Therefore, we recommend you read about Metanetflix Token before making an investment decision.

What is Metanetflix?

MetaNetFlix was introduced by LBank from Dubai on 14th January 2022 at 06:00 PM UTC. Metanetflix is a platform that gives oppurtunity to NFT creators to buy and sell their artworks in MetaNetFlix Coin. The MetaNetFlix is the native NFT of Metanetflix Multiverse listed on LBank exchange. 

Metanetflix will provide services of video streaming, play to earn opportunities to the NFT creators and stakeholders. Metanetflix revolves around a strong and evergreen concept of earning MetaNetFlix Coins by marketing your digital artwork on their platform. 

How do the Metanetflix Token works?

  • You need to be registered with the Metanetflix community to display your artwork which may include music, videos, pictures, and other media content
  • The audience will purchase the artwork that may be images Ect (or) pay you for watching unique videos created by you
  • The payments will be made in MetaNetFlix Coins
  • The future plans of Metanetflix include broadcasting the artwork on other platforms such as NetFlix, YouTube, Etc.

Founders of Metanetflix:

  • LBank launched Metanetflix. However, the information about the founder and the team behind MetaNetFlix Coin is not made public.

Metanetflix Price stats:

Please note that as Metanetflix Token got traded since yesterday, its all-time-high, all-time-low, more than 24hrs data will take time to reflect. Hence, we bring following details about MetaNetFlix Coin:

  • MetaNetFlix Price – $0.000000095888
  • Price change (24h) – inflated by 19.25%
  • Changes for 24h – 203.32%
  • 24h Volume – 288.1 M, deflated by 25.6%
  • Trading Volume 24h – $0.811
  • Price change (7d) – inflated by 9,246.32%
  • Changes for 7d – 0.00%
  • MetaNetFlix Liquidity – $1.893, (0.00%)
  • Volume/Market Cap – 0.01%
  • Market Cap Including locked and excluding burned – $1,247,749,228
  • Total Supply – 10,000,000,005,099,110,000,000

Metanetflix Token Predictions at the end of each year:

  • 2022 – Minimum $0.00000017, Average $0.00000018, Maximum $0.00000021
  • 2023 – Minimum $0.00000025, Average $0.00000026, Maximum $0.0000003
  • 2024 – Minimum $0.00000036, Average $0.00000037, Maximum $0.00000044
  • 2025 – Minimum $0.00000052, Average $0.00000054, Maximum $0.00000062
  • 2026 – Minimum $0.00000073, Average $0.00000076, Maximum $0.00000089
  • 2027 – Minimum $0.00000108, Average $0.00000111, Maximum $0.00000129
  • 2028 – Minimum $0.00000152, Average $0.00000157, Maximum $0.00000186
  • 2029 – Minimum $0.00000222, Average $0.00000229, Maximum $0.00000265
  • 2030 – Minimum $0.0000031, Average $0.00000319, Maximum $0.00000377
  • 2031 – Minimum $0.00000451, Average $0.00000464, Maximum $0.0000055


  1. What is the contract address to buy Metanetflix?

Ans. Address is 0xaccf88fff9f933647408d407a2afa4fb2cdd52a8.

  1. On which exchange MetaNetFlix Coin is listed?

Ans. Metanetflix Token is currently available on PanCakeSwap and LBank exchanges.

How to buy Metanetflix?

  • Access and log in to MetaMask wallet
  • Add BSC network to MetaMask
  • Browse PanCakeSwap website
  • Link your digital MetaMask wallet to your account on the PanCakeSwap website
  • On PanCakeSwap, select the MetaNetFlix Coin
  • Move your BSC coins to MetaMask
  • Swap $BSC coins to buy Metanet


MetaNetFlix Coin is not yet established in the market. Therefore, its current price is too low. Though price prediction till 2031 shows an increase of 5736% approximately, it is to be noted that the maximum price will only reach $0.0000055 by 2031. Hacked Domain Gives Signs of SCAM. Metanetflix Token is not recommended for investment. Instead, We advise you to check Best Cryptocurrencies for Investment.

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