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Metanet Crypto (Jan) Prediction, Price & How To Buy?

This article provides information on the latest hacking incident of Metanet Crypto and tells you the market condition of the Metanet coin at present time.Are you aware of the metaverse concept?

Do you know that a new cryptocoin entered the market with better benefits and profitability for the metaverse fan? Metaverse is a 3D virtual world that focuses on the social connection from countries like Italy, France, the United States, and others. 

This article will discuss the new crypto called Metanet Crypto and tell you its features and other necessary information that you should know before investing in it. 

What is Metanet coin?

Metanet is a platform in a metaverse in which the content creators and anyone can buy or sell NFT. The cryptocurrency that this platform offers is known as MetaNetflix, which helps users to stream digital videos and live broadcasts. 

This cryptocurrency is famous among gamers, streamers, and NFT holders, and for them, this coin is profitable. However, recently, the Metanet website has been hacked, and all the information related to this metaverse is gone. 

Who is the founder of Metanet Crypto?

The official website does not yet reveal the founder of Metanet. However, the name of the CEO is @FatMike, and the marketing manager is @Kodydeep. Unfortunately, no proper names are given as only username is provided by the official website. 

Although our research team is still searching the information about the Metanet due to hacking of the official website, it becomes a difficult task for us to gather the information.

Is the Metanet website really hacked?

Yes, the official website of the Metanet has been hacked. When you open the Metanet Crypto, you will see a message ‘Metanet has been hacked same as we did with THORchain RUNE.’ As the official website is hacked, the information related to the metanet is gone and not present on the internet

Price chart of Metanet coin

It is hard to get information, especially when the site’s been hacked and all the information is gone. Still, our research team has collected some information regarding the price chart and market supply of the metanet coin.

  • The present value of the Metanet becomes null, and no information is given on the price change and other necessary details. 
  • The volume of Metanet Crypto in 24H has been decreased by 25.6% as it reduced to $3.1M.
  • The price change in 7 days is +9,048.36%.

How to get a Metanet coin?

Hackers take over the website, so we can’t say whether the coin will be available for trading and exchange or not. However, you can try trusted exchanges websites like PanCakeSwap, Binance, and others and see whether the coin is available or not.

You can enter the contract address of the Metanet coin and check out the price. After that, select the quantity of the Metanet Crypto which you want to swap. These points will be applied only if the coin is available on the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: who hacked the Mertanet website?

A:  no information is mentioned on the internet about the person behind the hacking of Metanet.

Question2: What is the volume of Metanet coin?

A: The volume of Metanet coin is $3.1M in 24H. You can check out the market stats of the crypto  

Wrapping it up 

With the above information, we can conclude that with the hacking of Metanet, the value of its cryptocurrency gets reduced in the market. But, unfortunately, there is only limited information present regarding the Metanet Crypto

If you have any information related to the Metanet, then share us in the comment section and read here to know about the next big cryptocurrency, 2022.

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