Metahero Coin (July 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address

Metahero Coin 2021.
Metahero Coin (July 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address >> Do you want to collect the key information about the news updates regarding the digital token Metahero? Read here

Since many individuals across Australia, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and United States are unaware of the Meta hero digital coin, here’s something for you guys!

This write-up discusses entire key points that one should be thorough about Metahero Coin, including what is this digital currency about, and where to purchase this crypto coin. So swipe up to get started with the discussion!

What is Metahero Crypto Coin?

Meta hero Crypto is a deflationary digital currency that includes zero to ten percent fee on every transaction 

The token has the smart staking feature in which zero to two percent of every transaction carried out is being redistributed to the holders of Meta hero Crypto 

Zero to six percent of every transaction of this coin gets automatically supplied to the locked liquidity.

Metahero Coin is a digital utility token that can be utilized for utility in real world

When the liquidity of this coin crosses dollar ten million, a burn and buyback may be initiated 

About Metahero Token Founders:

The founder and CEO of this token is Robert Gryn, the independent youngest entrepreneur who helped Forbes reach a hundred on Poland’s list. He was the previous CEO of the second-fastest developing company in Europe named Codewise. 

There are other core teams for managing this token, namely Stainislaw Glogowski, Jeremy Lopez, Alex Gryn and few others.

Metahero Coin Overview:

  • Price: $0.00
  • Market Capital: $0.00
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000 hero
  • Holders: 285 addresses 
  • Transfers: 8775

Token Profile Summary:

  • Contract address: 0xc0c656bb369713b1ecc0d6c9ada3b692adf31858
  • Decimals: 18
  • Social Profiles: not available 

Recent Updates About This Token:

Two weeks ago, this coin founded a new platform that provides 3D scanning for personalized virtual items and avatars. This initiative by the company made people curious.

The Meta hero converts modeling technology and 3D scanning with the help of smart contract NFT, which enables the formation of unique Meta avatars and objects that appear on the blockchain forever.

The Metahero Coin website and project launched on 21st June 2021 along with the public sale of hero with the help of Tencent Gem 

About Metahero Strategic Partners:

The token has two strategic partners, the wolf studio and tenset. The company is proud to be a partner with wolf studio. It’s a global company in modeling technology and 3D scanning. Wolf studio has its team consisting of graphic designers, photographers, engineers, and professionals in the scan platform.

Tenset is a platform that helps holders get stable and high investment returns by investing funds in particular tenset assets representing multiple projects.

So, Metahero Coin company had partnered with these two companies.

Info About Metahero Strategic Advisor:

Jonasz Miara, Michael Healy and Marco Calicchia are the Strategic advisors of the company.

How to Buy Metahero Crypto Coin (Token)

This digital currency can be bought from the pancake swap platform. The sale of this token began on 5th July. Video instruction for buying this token: 


  1. When did the Metahero website got launched?

Ans) On 21st of June 2021

  1. What is the total supply of this Coin?

Ans) 10,000,000,000 hero

  1. What is the token contract address?

Ans) 0xc0c656bb369713b1ecc0d6c9ada3b692adf31858

  1. Current Value of this token.

Ans) The price of this coin is $0.00


The Metahero Coin is the latest launched digital coin that had recently founded a new project of meta scanning. With this launch of the project, the coin is gaining popularity. 

The key facts concerning this digital currency is precisely mentioned above. Furthermore, you can see the details of news regarding this Coin above and read it on best cryptocurrency app 2021.

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