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Metadrasi Token To PHP (Feb 2022) Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the live Metadrasi Token to PHP value to help investors make the right decision.

The play-to-earn concept is taking the gaming world by storm. It attracts many players because they can enjoy gaming while earning NFTs. The play-to-earn NFT based games are trending amongst gamers in the Philippines.

There is a popular online NFT Dog racing game based on Blockchain technology and empowered by the native token DRACE. But, remember people are searching using a term Metadrasi. But, we are discussing about MetaDrace. 

The game has attracted many gamers because of its unique features and NFT gifts and rewards. Since the game is popular, investors search online for live Metadrasi Token to PHP value.  

What is MetaDrace?

MetaDrace is an online NFT based Dog racing game based on Blockchain technology and empowered by the native token, DRACE.

The blockchain-based NFT gift is designed for enthusiasts, speed sports, dog lovers, and the e-sports community. The platform gives you access to the online Greyhound Dogs for racing, and players need to nurture and train them for victory in the tournaments. 

Players have to predict the winner and get rewards as DRACE Coin. But, you can also invest and purchase the DRACE Coin. Investors in the Philippines are eager to know the live Metadrasi Token to PHP value.    

About the Founders of DRACE!

According to the official website, the CEO and Founder of the platform are Lue Kautzer. Nicky Tran is the community manager, Helen Trinh is the game designer, Angela Koss is the NFT Gaming Advisor, Ruby Mayert is the strategic advisor, and Roberts Nguyen is the Blockchain Developer of the platform.

The team is active on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. You can follow them on these social media platforms. 

Market Analysis of DRACE Coin!

According to coingecko.com, the live value of the DRACE Token is $0.138493. It means the live Metadrasi Token to PHP value is 7.07 PHP. The highest trading volume of the token recorded in the last 24 hours is $1 416 119. The volume has been down by 9.9% in the last 24 hours. 

The coin has been ranked at #3090 based on the lived market capitalization of $15 503 541. The fully diluted market capitalization of the coin is $15 503 541.16.

The token has a total circulating supply of 100 Million, and there is no data on the maximum circulating supply of the token. 

What is the Live Metadrasi Token to PHP  Value?

According to the coingecko.com website, the live value of MetaDrace Token is 7.07 Pilipino Peso. It means for one DRACE token; you have to spend 7.07 PHP.

However, it is the real-time PHP value of the token, and it is subject to change according to the market trend.

How to Buy MetaDrace Token?

  • Link your Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap Exchange
  • Transfer the funds to buy the token
  • Search the token using the contract address 0x72a8e7520296623f2e8c7668d01eb3fa30d9b106
  • Now you need to check the live Metadrasi Token to PHP value before buying
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Click on the “Swap” button 
  • Store the token in your wallet


Q1. Which is the Official Link of DRACE?

A1. Investors have to visit the official website via this link, https://metadrace.io/.

Q2. What is the Contract Address for DRACE?

A2. Investors must use 0x72a8e7520296623f2e8c7668d01eb3fa30d9b106 as the contract address of the token.

Q3. What is the Live PHP Value?

A3. At the time of writing, the PHP value of DRACE is 7.07 PHP. 


You can start investing in the token since you are familiar with the live Metadrasi Token to PHP value. But, ensure to check it before investing because the value tends to change according to market trends. Besides, you must also check the Best Crypto to Trade in 2022 for profitable investment and high returns.   

Do you play the MetaDrace Game? Please share your experiences in the comment section. 

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