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Mena Massoud Little Mermaid: Who Is Mena Massoud? Explore The People Feedback On the Little Mermaid From Reddit

This research on Mena Massoud Little Mermaid will guide the readers on the controversy between Mena Massoud and The Little Mermaid film.

Are you aware of Mena Massoud and The Little Mermaid controversy? People are trending Mena and the upcoming film, The Little Mermaid aa Mena Massoud made some remarks on it. Mena Massoud Little Mermaid has now become a sensational topic of the week. Many netizens from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have backlashed the actor of Alladin. Kindly read all the crucial updates on Mena Massoud here.


The controversy of Mena Massoud and Little Mermaid! 

According to the latest update, Mena Massoud who is the lead actor in Alladin’s film, has made some remarks on the upcoming film, The Little Mermaid in which Halle Bailey, an African-American actress is featured. He wrote that the record of Alladin cannot be broken. He does not seem convinced by the film The Little Mermaid.

What are the updates on Reddit?

As per online sources, Mena Massoud has commented on the upcoming film The Little Mermaid. His tweet depicts it as if the actor is not convinced by this live-action film Disney. He wrote that the records of Alladin of 2019 by Disney cannot be surpassed by any other film. He also commented that the reason for making a billion-dollar opening was that the audience visited several times to theatres to watch the film again and again. He did not find the hype and the testimonials that The Little Mermaid is getting convincing. Moreover, people have shared much positive feedback on the Little Mermaid even when the film is not released. The fans seem convinced with the film and shared many positive reviews on the film.

DISCLAIMER: We have shared details after researching it on online sites. Our intention is not to criticize anyone or believe in any critics. We intend to give all authentic details based on the latest updates that are ongoing on the social media sites like Twitter. We respect the views of every person.

Did Mena Massoud remove his Twitter Account?

According to online sources, people started backlashing the Alladin actor, Mena Massoud for the views that he shared on The Little Mermaid. The details on Wiki show that Mena Massoud removed his Twitter Account after he faced backlash from the audience for his views on the upcoming film. The actor looked upset with the backlash he got from the users online and decided to delete his account from Twitter. 

The User’s Reactions to Mena’s Comments! 

Netizens started trolling Mena and backlashed him for his views. Some people find the views of Mena racist as they think that his film Alladin will not be released with a sequel whereas The Little Mermaid looks to be the best live-action film. Another user wrote his views on the Mena Massoud Little Mermaid controversy and said that being pessimistic is not praised. The film which has not been released and has a pessimistic approach to it is quite disappointing. 

People started backlashing the views of Mena which compelled him to delete his Twitter account. We will update the readers once he will return to Twitter.


Summing up this post, we have shared the details on the trending update on Mena Massoud. Here you will know the reason why Mena Massoud deleted his Twitter Account. 

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Who Is Mena Massoud: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In which film Mena Massoud was featured?

Ans. Mena Massoud is a popular actor. He was seen in Disney’s live-action film, Alladin in 2019. He was the main lead in the film.

Q2. What did Mena Massoud say about The Little Mermaid film?

Ans. As per sources, Mena Massoud shared his thoughts and say that billion dollar record of Alladin cannot be broken by any other live-action film.

Q3. Did people criticize his opinions?

Ans. People criticized the opinions of Mena Massoud and called his views racist. People were disappointed with his views and called him pessimistic.

Q4. What is the outcome of Mena Massoud Little Mermaid controversy?

Ans. After people backlashed the actor for his views, Mena deleted his Twitter account. 

Q5. When will he return to Twitter?

Ans. There is no update on when Mena Massoud will be back on Twitter. For now, he has deleted his account. More updates will be shared soon.

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