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Meme Coin List {Nov 2021} Prediction & How To Buy?

This write-up is an exhaustive exploration of the advanced truths on Meme Coin List, with the price list and chart.

Do you know the urging realities behind the focus of investors in Meme Coin List? How much are you aware that Meme Coin is enlightened? It is because of the gain accomplished by the investors in recent times. Currently, tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have gathered enormous profits. Hence, it has attracted people Worldwide.

However, if you are eager to focus your attention on other investors, then glue your eyes in this write-up till the end. Let us continue reading.

What is a Meme coin?

Meme coins are in the spotlight due to their massive profit through Shiba INU coins. Other meme coins like SafeMoon had demonstrated a 9 percent raise, which is incredible. Meme Coin List in recent times has gained its attention for making lots of investors a billionaire. Dogecoin is the first Meme coin which has launched in 2013.

Let us list down some of the Meme coins below.

List of Some of the Meme coins in the market

  • SafeMoon
  • Dogecoin
  • Kishu Inu
  • DogelonMars
  • MonaCoin
  • Banano
  • Moochii
  • DogeCoinPro
  • BitANT


Below are some of the meme coins with their respective founder:

Name of Meme coin Founder
SafeMoon John Karony
Dogecoin Jackson Palmer
Kishu Inu Vitalik Buterin
Dogelon Mars Elon Dogelon
MonaCoin Mr.Watanabe
Banano Alberto Pardo
Moochii Kellie and Chris Taylor
DogeCoinPro Jackson Pamer

Price chart of Meme Coin List

Let us enlighten some valuable price research on some of the listed meme coins.

Name of Meme coin Current price All-time high All time low  Market cap value
SafeMoon ₱0.00019017 ₱0.00052354 ₱0.00000215 ₱108,128,141,803
Dogecoin ₱13.13 ₱34.96 ₱0.00387064 ₱1,734,597,727,0.57
SHIBA INU ₱0.00267687 ₱0.00437286 ₱0.000000002713 ₱1,470,261,469,755
Kishu Inu ₱0.000000239967 ₱0.000000837757 ₱0.000000003322 Not Available
Dogelon Mars ₱0.00009081 ₱ 0.00013106 ₱ 0.000000850471 ₱ 50,451,007,746
MonaCoin ₱86.48 ₱ 843.12 ₱0.940869 Not Available
Banano ₱1.19 ₱2.64 ₱0.00451330  ₱ 1,591,557,502
Moochii ₱0.000000066216 ₱0.00000205 ₱0.000000034728 Not Available
DogeCoinPro ₱13.10 ₱34.96 ₱0.00387064 ₱ 1,729,433,989,769

 How to purchase?

All the tokens mentioned in Meme Coin List would have given you a brief history of its value and profitability. Now, let us understand the process for purchasing these tokens in this section.

The initial step to purchasing all the tokens mentioned above is to have a Trust Wallet for your transaction.

Each token has a different process to initialize the trading system. Below are the steps to purchase SafeMoon. 

How to buy SafeMoon?

Get the Binance token into your wallet. Use Defi applications like PancakeSwap to purchase the SafeMoon token and transfer it into your wallet.

Kindly stay connected with us to understand the process of purchasing other tokens.

Meme Coin List raised many queries while trading. 

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you to understand better?


Q1). Is Coinbase a better site to purchase? 

A1). All tokens are not available to purchase on this site. However, other exchanges like BitLink have suggested for few token. 

Q2). What is preferred to increase security in a transaction?

A2). There are two ways to add funds to your wallet. One is centralized exchanges, and the other is decentralized finance (Defi). Most investors prefer Defi for transactions due to its assurance.

Final thoughts

Meme Coin List appears to have a major hike in the coming days. Though some of the pricing in the list are not so impressive. We suggest you research well because its best is yet to come.

Do not hesitate to comment below your and suggestions.

Moreover, refer to the Twitter link for updates of List of Meme Coin   

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