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[Full Watch] Melissa Paredes Video Viral: Check Details On Filtran Video de Melisa Paredes

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Do you know who Melissa Paredes is? Why is Melissa going viral on social media? Which video is trending on social media? If you are also interested in the recent Melissa Paredes Video Viral, we will discuss it in this article. People from Worldwide are waiting to know the details.

Melissa Paredes & Viral Video 

Melissa is a model, social media influencer, and actress. She was born in Peru on 11th August 1990. Recently, Melissa posted a TikTok video where she danced and smiled on a song. The video was titled ‘Cc Your Friend Stays Single Automatically, Me.’ After she posted this video, her fans and netizens went wild because everyone linked it with the break-up of her ex-husband and his girlfriend. Netizens claimed that she was taking a dig at her ex-husband’s break-up. 

Disclaimer: The viral video, which everyone talks about, contains no mature content. But still, the video is not available on YouTube. 

Nuevo Video de Melisa Paredes

The above phrase is in Spanish and means ‘New Video of Melissa Paredes.’ Melissa has not posted any new video about Rodrigo and Ale Venturo’s break-up. A few days ago, she posted a reel. But Melissa never revealed any direct link to it, and the Netizens assumed many things independently. 

At the beginning of August, there was news that Rodrigo and Ale were trying to reconcile. They even went to a hotel to see each mother and try to restart their relationship. Rodrigo even clarified the situation in a video. Melissa Paredes Video Viral has some hint or not? Although, Ale has claimed that they have not reconciled yet, but trying to do so. 

Personal Details About Melissa Paredes

Melissa is a 33-year-old model and actress. She married Rodrigo Cuba in December 2016 and got divorced in 2021. Melissa and Rodrigo have a daughter together. She has worked on several projects and has a substantial social media following. She is best known for her roles in Ojitos Hechiceros, Dos Hermanas, Igualita a Mi. and Is He My Girlfriend?  

As per Melissa’s social media account, she seems to be dating someone. His name is Anthony Aranda, and he is a Dancer/Choreographer. Anthony is the founder of UMOVE Dance Studio. 

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Melissa Paredes Telegram & Social-Media


Melissa has 3.9 million followers on her Instagram account and uploaded over 3000 posts. Her bio says she is a TV Host and an Actor. She owns a clothing brand named ‘Melissa Paredes Clothes or ERETRIA.’ She is also a creator at her partner’s UMOVE dance studio. 


Melissa has 1.3 million followers on Facebook and regularly posts videos and pictures on her social media accounts. 


Melissa has over 4 million followers and 48 million likes.


Filtran Video de Melisa Paredes, the article, has talked about a viral reel of Melissa Paredes. In the video, she was dancing and singing. Netizens claimed she is trying to drop hints about her ex-husband Rodrigo’s break-up with Ale. Since this news has gone viral, people have been searching for the video. If you wish to watch the viral TikTok video, click here.

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Read Updates On Melissa Paredes Video Viral: FAQs

Q1. Who is Melissa Paredes?

A1. She is an actress and a model.

Q2. Why is Melissa trending?

A2. Because she has posted a video hinting something about his ex-husband’s love life.

Q3. Who is Melissa’s Ex-husband?

A3. Rodrigo Cuba.

Q4. Where did Melissa post the viral video?

A4. TikTok.

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