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Meld Crypto (Dec 2021) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

Here in this article, we will read about Meld Crypto and how to purchase this defi banking protocol crypto currency.

People worldwide want to invest in Defi tokens, especially those of countries like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom. They want to invest in cryptos like the Meld Crypto. These cryptos can be very beneficial if you invest in them long after doing proper research.

This article is going to deal with almost all the properties and important facts and points related to the meld digital currency, so read this article until the end if you want to collect each and every about this digital coin.

What Is Meld Coin?

It Is considered a stack of banking for the Defi, and it is also considered first Defi and non-custodial and also the banking protocol. Then the Meld Crypto can be used to surely borrow and lend the money from the fiat currencies and the crypto very easily so that we can stake our meld coins for APY.

This digital currency can be used to get an instant loan for the holdings of our digital currency at a competitive APR or to get the credit line and then to pay the interest on what we use. It is built on Cardano blockchain, which is considered a blockchain that is used for generating fast and safe infrastructure of Defi.

Founders Of The Meld Coin:

The founder of the meld coin is Hai Nguyen Quang, he is basically a system architect and blockchain developer and thus the founder of Meld coin.

Market And Price Live Data Of Meld Crypto:

The live and the current price of meld coin is currently 58.47 USD, and the 24 hour volume in trading is estimated to be around 649 USD. And in the last twenty-four hours, the price of the coin has gone up by 0.8 percent during the last day, and the crypto also consists of zero coins in its circulating supply, and the MCAU coins has approximately 90.1 billion total supply.

MCAU market statistics and the price chart:

  • Price of MCAU- 58.47 USD
  • MCAU Market cap of – no data available.
  • Market cap dominance of MCAU- 0.00 percent.
  • Current trading volume of  MCAU coin- 649 USD
  • Market cap and volume of MCAU- not available
  • MCAU 24hour low and high- 57.03USD/ 58.30USD
  • MCAU seven days low and high- 56.60 USD/ 60.19USD
  • Market rank of Meld Crypto– not available
  • The highest till now of MCAU- 64.74USD
  • The lowest till now of MCAU- 53.05USD

How To Buy?

Go through the below-mentioned steps to learn how to buy the meld coin.

Step 1- setting up our account on the platform of coin base

Step 2- make a purchase of either bitcoin or Ethereum

Step 3- use the purchase of bitcoin or ETH that you have made to purchase MCAU

Step 4- Start your investment in MCAU

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) do you know worth of one meld coin ?

Answer) yes, worth of one meld gold is 58.330000 USD

Q2) do you know the price of MCAU?

Answer) yes, the price of MCAU as of now is 58.330000USD

Q3) do you know the exchange rate of MCAU?

Answer) yes, the exchange rate of the MCAU is 58.33USD


Meld Crypto is the digital currency that we have read about in this article. Although we have covered almost all the basic and essential details about the meld coin that you should before you make your mind to invest in it, here we have also provided the details on how you can purchase the coin so that you don’t face any hurdle while purchasing in it.

Have you purchased any digital Defi Coin? If yes, tell us about your coin. And let us know how to spot a bitcoin scammer easily.

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