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Melbourne Cup Race Number 2022: What Was It? Check The Details For It?

The article describes the primary elements of the Melbourne Cup Race Number 2022 and also explains its features and rules in this brief article.

Do you know about the famous Melbourne Cup Race? Many people in Australia and New Zealand discuss this world-famous horse race. The race is also known as the Lexus Melbourne Cup. It is a horse race, and the racer runs nearly 32 00 meters or 1.999 miles. 

As per the recent update, the race will start on 1 November 2022 (Tuesday). Let’s check about Melbourne Cup Race Number 2022


What do you know about race? 

Race has a historical background. It is a world-famous and classic horse race in the world. Most importantly, the horse riders will race on the green or grass surface. The primary location of the race is Flemington Racecourse of Melbourne. 

Many people gather here to watch the race in the city. Even many people come from abroad to experience this race. The race is also associated with the legendary name of Deauville Legend. The winner will receive the “Lexus Melbourne Cup” after the competition. The total price money of the race is 8 million AUD. 

What Race Number Is the Melbourne Cup

Many people ask this question. And now, it is the most basic search on the internet about this prestigious race. As per the information, it is the 162-number race. That means the 2022 Melbourne Race is the number 162 number race competition. 

If you check the history of the race, you can find that in the earlier years, the race was organized by “Victoria Racing Club”. For this reason, the race is also famous as Victoria Race. Victoria was one of the central parts of the “Spring Racing Carnival of Melbourne”. 

What Race Is the Melbourne Cup 2022

Many spectators are also asking this question in recent times. The annual horse race is as famous as the “Melbourne Cup”. Due to the sponsorship reason, the cup’s name is Lexus Melbourne Cup. The horse race started 151 years ago. 

It started in the year 1861. It is also known as the “Australian Thoroughbred Race”. Per the rules and norms, the race will occur on the first “Tuesday” of November. In the city, this day is regarded as a public holiday. 

Other Facts about the Melbourne Cup Race Number 2022

The final field was declared on 29 October 2022. This year the race was won by the Gold Trip horse. The rider’s name is Mark Zahra, and the trainers are David Eustace and Ciaron Maher. 

Duais Hugh Bowman achieved the second position, and Tim Clark from Ireland got third. The following year’s horse race will be held in the same place on 1 November 2023. 


The race is very famous around the world. Even the race authority has mentioned all the information on social media. You can watch their Instagram post as well

Melbourne Cup Race Number 2022– FAQs

Q.1 What was the starting year of this race? 


Q.2 Venue of the race? 

Melbourne city. 

Q.3 Where is the race held generally? 

In the Flemington Racecourse. 

Q.4 What is the price money of the race? 

It is nearly eight million AUD. 

Q.5 What is the distance of the race? 

3200 metres. 

Q.6 What is the surface of the racecourse? 

It is the grass surface. 

Q.7 Who won the race this year? 

Golden Trip by Mark Zahra.

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