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Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard Pictures: What Leaks Are Present On Instagram? Check Height, Birthday, Twitter, Net Worth & Boyfriend Details Here!

In the below post, you will be able to find the facts for Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard Picture srecent findings.

Do you know the famous “Hot Girl Summer” singer’s ex-bodyguard who was trending in the news? Do you know why he is treading in the news? In case you know why he is trending in the news.

If you don’t know here, we explain everything about him and why he is in the news. 

People around the United States want to know why he is currently trending on every social media page. So, let’s review the entire matter and Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard Pictures


Disclaimer- The information mentioned in this post is based on the internet; we don’t claim any personal information mentioned in this post.  

Pictures of Megan’s Bodyguard

Earlier this year, Justin Edison, Megan’s former bodyguard, was accused of illegally shooting Megan’s private pictures. He has been on trial against Tory Lanez for shooting private pictures and posting them on social media.

Since the assault trial was going on, he was claimed to have disappeared. He never showed up in court to promote the LAPD’s investigation. But this was not why he was trending on the news.

But according to the Media Take Out, he was present in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup and protected some VIPs in the event. However, an anonymous person who shared Pictures from the FIFA World Cup in that picture claimed that the person was Justin Edison.

But, the anonymous Instagram user said he was not the one they were looking for. It is still unclear whether the person in the picture was Edison; he was presented at the event.

Moreover, the reason for his disappearance is also not clear. After this news, people are curiously looking for the picture on the internet, so some of them found his disputed pictures on the internet. 

Does Justin Edison have a Boyfriend?

Justin was the former bodyguard of Megan, who was claimed to be missing after the court scheduled him to appear in court. Thus, many people are looking on the internet whether he has a boyfriend/girlfriend; but currently, we don’t have any information about that. As soon as we know more about this, we will let you know.  

Wikipedia of Justin Edison

After this incident, people are desperately looking for his details, so here are some details about Justin. 

Original Name Justin Edison
Nick Name NA
Birth Place California
Date of Birth 18 March 1989
Birthday 18th March
Nationality NA
Profession Bodyguard
Age 33 Years
Children 1 ( Daughter- Savannah)
Father’s Name Harold Edison
Mother’s Name NA
Siblings 2 Brother (Deion and Devon) 1 Sister (Dejea)
Wife NA
Height 6’4

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Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard’s Justin Edison was claimed to be disappeared as the court asked him to appear for the trial of Megan’s case. However, some claim that he was in Qatar for FIFA, but we don’t know whether he was there for the event. 

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Megan Thee Stallion Bodyguard Pictures- FAQs

Q1. What is the age of Justin Edison?

Ans. Justin Edison is 33 years old. 

Q2. Is he married? 

Ans. Currently, Justin is single.

Q3. What is the name of his wife?

Ans. We don’t know the name of his wife.

Q4. Is he in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup?

Ans. A user shared a picture in which some claimed that the person was Justin, but the user dismissed the comment by saying he was not the one they were looking for.

Q5. Does he appear in court?

Ans. No, he hasn’t appeared in court yet. 

Q6. What is Justin Edison’s Net Worth? 

Ans. We don’t have much information regarding Justin Edison’s net worth. 

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