Latest News Scam Scam: Know The Essential Factors For This Portal Here! Scam post has given details of a website enabling people to get their inflation tax refund.

Have you received a California Middle-Class Tax refund debit card? Do you want to know about the website enabling people to get their tax refunds? California Tax Board provides one-time inflation relief to the citizens by paying to their accounts or through debit cards.

Mctrpayment is a website used by debit card recipients in the United States to activate their plastic cards. Scam post has analyzed this website and presented its findings for tax refund beneficiaries.


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Is Mc Trpayment Com Legit or Scam?

  • Domain age – This site’s domain was registered on 9th July 2022.
  • Alexa ranking – Mctrpayment has an Alexa ranking of 89440.
  • Domain expiry – This portal will expire on 9th July 2024.
  • Trust score – A trust score of 2%, a low trust rating for an authentic website.
  • Permanent address – The contact us page has the permanent address of this website.
  • Plagiarism – The content on the site is free of plagiarism.

What is Scam?

The California government decided to relieve its citizens from high inflation and gas prices. The state legislature passed a law to provide one-time relief through direct cash transfers or payment cards. As the card has started reaching beneficiaries from other states, many see it as a scam card.

Mc Trpayment is a website that cardholders are advised to visit to activate their debit cards. This tax fund relief is provided to 11 million California province residents, and the card issuing institution is New York Bank. Scam post also found that this website is attached to the high authority site and internet users deviate to this portal from

Details of California Middle-Class Tax Refund Debit Card:

  • Tax relief is being provided to citizens through cash transfers or debit cards.
  • FTB has partnered with Money Network to provide benefits in the form of debit cards.
  • Payments between $300 to $1050 are provided to citizens with incomes up to $250,000.
  • The beneficiary can go to website and activate their debit cards.
  • People should use cards judiciously to avoid fees. ScamSocial Media Reactions:

There are many active threads on related to tax refund debit cards. People who receive debit cards want to know how to activate them. Most netizens use the 1-800-240-0223 number to activate their card, but some also visit to generate the pin.

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Final Verdict:

Mctrpayment is a website of the Money Network group working in partnership with FTB to provide tax refund debit cards to California citizens. We found this website safe for beneficiaries trying to get details on their tax refund status. Have you received your tax refund debit card? Please comment. Scam: FAQs

Q.1 How can people activate their Tax Refund Debit card?

People should call1-800-240-0223 or reach to activate their debit cards.

Q.2 What is the trust index of the website?

The trust index is 14.90%.

Q.3 How can people avoid charges on Tax Refund debit cards?

People should withdraw money from Money Network ATMs to avoid charges.

Q.4 What is the expected date of Middle-Class Tax Refund Payments?

The expected date of payment is between October 2022 and January 2023.

Q.5 Which year tax filing is taken as eligibility for a Debit card tax refund?

The middle-class tax refund is taking 2020 tax filing as the eligibility year.

Q.6 Scam?

No, the Mctrpayment website enables beneficiaries to activate their card.

Q.7 How many tax relief debit cards have been issued by the state?

8.3 million Debit cards has been issued by the state under inflation tax relief refund.

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