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This article provides information on the McMaster Cheerleading Viral Video and sheds some light on the facts.

Are you looking for facts related to the viral video of McMaster Cheerleader? Recently, a video of the McMaster Cheerleaders went viral, where they practiced the whole routine for the show. Readers in Canada and other countries are looking for the facts behind the video.

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What is the content of the viral video?

The members are practicing their performance in the McMaster Cheerleading video, which went viral online. However, the stunts and the acts did not go as planned, which is why the cheerleaders are looking for a way to bounce back. 

McMaster Cheerleading Video 2023

The video went viral on Twitter and circulated on social media platforms in Canada and other parts. The McMaster Cheerleading Squad is a known group that performed in events like National Cheerleading Association, National Dance Alliance, and College National Championship in Florida. 

The viral video shows the error in the dance routine. In one of the acts, a woman was tossed at 10 feet high, but instead of flying straight in the air, she shifted to the other side and landed inches from the mat.

Where is the video available? 

The video is Viral On Reddit and other platforms as everyone talks about the group’s botched routine. However, some users thought there was no need to post the video because of the privacy and dignity of the cheerleaders. 

Although, there is no official link related to the viral video on the internet. The users can find different articles related to the botched rehearsal of McMaster Cheerleaders. 

What are the views of Cheerleaders on the viral video?

The cheerleaders are unhappy and posted a video on TikTok with the squad. In the TikTok video, one cheerleader said they practiced well, but everything went south on the mat. They posted a message saying, “We were cyberbullied.” 

People who watched the video on the different platforms said mean things regarding the performance and questioned their ability to perform. However, the cheerleader team’s coach tells them to ignore the mean comments on Twitter and other social media.

What is the McMaster Cheerleader team coach’s view?

The coach supported his team, saying these incidents happened in the cheerleading competitions. He also confirmed that no member was hurt during the practice, and everything was under control. 

After 20 seconds in practice, things started to go south for the team, but according to the coach, the girls were ready to bounce back. The coach ended the argument by saying it was not the team’s day. Everyone on Instagram and other platforms is talking about viral videos.

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The McMaster cheerleaders are ready to perform in the next event with better acts and take notes from previous mistakes.

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McMaster Cheerleading Viral Video– FAQs

1: How many members are present in the McMaster Cheerleading group?

A: The exact number is not mentioned. However, the number is between 6 and 16.

2: Is the video available on YouTube?

A: Some of the images from the original video are available on YouTube.

3: How many users watched the McMaster Cheerleader video?

A: Around 43000 views on Twitter.

4: Where can the users watch the video?

A: There are chances that the viral video can be available on Telegram.

5: Who is the McMaster Cheerleader coach?

A: Kelly Van Burgsteden. 

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