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[Update] Maywood Police Officer Suicide: Where Did The Incident Happen? Explore Complete information On Maywood NJ Police Officer Killed

This article provide details on the Maywood Police Officer Suicide and the cause of his death.

Is the Maywood police committed suicide? The Maywood police officer in the United States suicide news went viral on social media. Online users are surfing the internet to know the reason for the police officer’s death. The public is also showing interest in knowing about the police officer’s entire details and has many queries. Read the Maywood Police Officer Suicide article to get answers to all the queries.


Maywood Police Suicide

Sgt. Jason Liaban, a police officer from the Maywood Police Department, died by self-gunshot on 30th March 2023. The 16 years old veteran took Jason Liaban to the medical center for treatment. He attempted suicide at 2:30 am. On Thursday morning Hackensack University Medical Center reported and confirmed police officer Jason Liaban’s death. 

In the police officer’s death investigation, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s not confirm his death as a suicide. But there is no criminal activity or suspects against the death. Maywood Police Department griefs the police officer’s sudden loss. The police officer’s investigation is not yet closed.

Maywood Police Officer Died

Police officer Jason Liabans death was unpredictable by the police department. He attempted suicide at the medical center. Some officers and experts state that the incident was the Bergen County law enforcement community. But the police department officers not reacted to these kinds of statements. However, there is still no proper evidence or confirmation about Officer Jason Liaban’s death.

The police officer’s death is also investigated from the angle of criminal involvement. But there is no evidence found still. But the investigation won’t stop here. Police department investigating and finding the reason for the co-police officer’s death.

Maywood NJ Police Officer Killed

The NJ police officer’s death creates doubts in public view. People state the police officer’s suicide is not a natural one. It may have some crucial facts behind that. Furthermore, the police officer’s death may cause some other reason. But the police department officers clearly say there is no criminal involvement in his death. 

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Where did the incident happen?

The Bergen County prosecutor’s office enclosed the Maywood Police Officer Suicide, is happened by a self-inflicted gunshot. The police officer attempted suicide and died at the Hackensack University Medical Center. 

Mark Musella, Bergen County Prosecutor, asked the Liaban’s family and law enforcement colleagues to police officer grieve without any disturbance. The 39 years old Maywood police officer Sergeant Jason Liaban’s suicide is not involved in criminal activity.

Investigation Report 

Jason Liaban, the police officer, was in an emergency when a police captain arrived at the medical center. He would be revealed that escorted to the emergency department room.

Jason Liaban’s service weapon of Maywood Police Officer Suicide was collected in the bathroom nearby the ER entrance. Jason was given confidentiality then because he would come in gladly and was acquiescent. Then the gunshot came. Jason Liaban was distinctly dead before 3 am.

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The 39 years old Maywood Police Officer’s death investigation is still in progress. The public is showing an interest in Maywood Police Officer’s death reason. Watch more about the Maywood Police Suicide in this link.

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Maywood Police Officer Suicide: FAQ

Q1. Who is Jason Liaban?

The Maywood police officer.

Q2. When Jason died?

30th March 2023.

Q3. How did Jason die?

Self-incited gunshot.

Q4. What is St. Jason Liaban’s age?

39 years

Q5. What is the cause of Jason’s death?

Unknown. Investigation in progress.

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