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Mayra Bueno Silva Wife: Girlfriend And Instagram Details Here!

Know about the Mayra Bueno Silva Wife and Girlfriend details. And more information about her Instagram account.

Do you know who Nayra Bueno Silva is? Mayra Bueno Silva is a famous mixed martial artist in Brazil. Recently, the natives of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom showed interest in the relationship status of Mayra Bueno Silva. Many curious people started searching for the name of the partner of Mayra Bueno Silva.

The fans and followers of Mayra Bueno Silva know about Mayra Bueno Silva Wife. However, many people are still unaware of this news.

Who is Mayra Bueno Silva Wife?

Since 2016, Mayra Bueno Silva has been in a healthy relationship with Gloria de Paula. Mayra Bueno Silva came out as a lesbian, and she informed the media about her relationship with Gloria de Paula. In this context, many curious people asked about the profession of Gloria de Paula.

Gloria de Paula is a fellow mixed martial artist of Mayra Bueno Silva. On the social media handles of Mayra Bueno Silva, she often posted pictures with her girlfriend. If you search for Mayra Bueno Silva Girlfriend, you can find several images of them together.

Who is Mayra Bueno Silva Wife

However, many people wanted to know if Mayra Bueno Silva was married to her girlfriend, Gloria de Paula. Mayra Bueno Silva is not married yet to Gloria de Paula. Many people mistaken Gloria de Paula as the wife of Mayra Bueno Silva. But Gloria de Paula is the girlfriend of Mayra Bueno Silva. The couple have not mentioned anything about their marriage.

What does Mayra Bueno Silva Girlfriend do for a living?

Gloria de Paula is a well-known Brazilian mixed martial artist. She is currently competing in the strawweight division. Gloria de Paula has been a professional mixed martial artist since 2017. Gloria de Paula mostly fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). According to the mixed martial arts record, Gloria de Paula won six matches in twelve matches.

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Life details of Gloria de Paula:

The full name of Gloria is Gloria Leite de Paula. She is also known as Glorinha. Apart from searching for Mayra Bueno Silva Instagram account, many people also searched for the Instagram account of Gloria. She was born on 10 June 1995. She was born in Campinas, Brazil. Gloria de Paula is now twenty-eight years old.

According to the Instagram account of Gloria de Paula, she has more than 58.6k followers. She also posted several pictures of her and her girlfriend, Mayra Bueno Silva, on Instagram. Gloria de Paula and Mayra Bueno Silva often practice together.

Mayra Bueno Silva Instagram:

Mayra Bueno Silva is also active on Instagram. You need to search for the Instagram account of Mayra Bueno Silva with the username Mayra Sheetara. More than 66.1k people followed Mayra Bueno Silva on Instagram. You can also check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see the official Instagram account of Mayra Bueno Silva.

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The Final Discussion:

Now, you know about every detail of Mayra Bueno Silva Wife. 32-year-old Mayra Bueno Silva and 28-year-old Gloria de Paula have been deeply in love since 2016. Several photos of them together are available on the Instagram account of Gloria de Paula. You can click here to watch the recent fight video of Mayra Bueno Silva.

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