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Mayor Maryland Arrested: Who Is He? Check out the Details on Resigns Now!

This post will discuss the charges under which the Mayor Maryland Arrested, and further details about the case proceedings.

Are you aware of the recent controversial arrest of Mayor of Maryland Patrick Wojahn? Do you know the reason behind his sudden arrest? If not, then through this post, we will discuss basic details of the incident and aftermath of the scandalous event. 

People are talking about one news story since the incident: the arrest of the Maryland mayor. The news is circulating on different platforms in the United StatesExamine the post details carefully to understand the scenario related to Mayor Maryland Arrested and the actions taken against him. 


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Why was the Mayor of Maryland Arrested? 

The Mayor of Maryland, College Park, Patrick Wojahn, is arrested for possessing and distributing explicit child content. A total of 56 materials were found in the investigation, out of which 40 were charged under possession materials, and the other 16 were under the category of distribution materials. 

Right before the arrest on Thursday morning, Maryland Mayor Resigns from his position on Wednesday, stating that even though the investigation is not concerning his official work, he still does not want to create hindrance and deal with the issue in peace. The link is provided for further guidance. 

What are the aftereffects of the mayor’s arrest? 

It was very shocking news for the whole city. Mayor Pro Tem Denise Mitchell has temporarily taken over the mayor’s duties as the election for the next Mayor to replace the Mayor of Maryland will be held within the next 65 days under special conditions.

Who Is the Mayor of Maryland?

The 47-year-old man Patrick Wojahn has been serving as the Mayor of College Park charter, a small area that comes under the regions of the University of Maryland, since 2015. Patrick has been in service for the last eight years and has been a part of the council since 2007. 

He served very dedicatedly during his term, and the city thanked him for contributing to society as Mayor. 

What was the Prince George County Police department statement? 

The police chief Malik Aziz said in a press conference on Thursday that the state representative attorney was also present and that Mayor Maryland Arrested under corrections department custody, will soon be presented before the commissioner, who will decide on his involvement. 

After that, the decision on his release is to be taken. If Patrick is not released, he will be presented to the judge. 

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Hence, the news shocked and disturbed the city residents and officials. Even though several pieces of evidence have been found, the case verdict is not decided yet. 

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Mayor Maryland Arrested: FAQs

Q1. Who was the Mayor of Maryland? 

Patrick Wojahn was the Mayor of Maryland. 

Q2. Under what charges is the mayor arrested? 

The Mayor of Maryland is arrested for more than 56 child-explicit content distribution and possession charges.

Q3. When did Patrick get arrested? 

The mayor was arrested on 2nd March 2023 by George County Police. 

Q4. What was the County Police statement upon the arrest? 

The police stated that the tip was received unanimously by the police department, and actions were taken after obtaining solid evidence. 

Q5. Why did the Mayor resign before Mayor Maryland Arrested?

Patrick stated that he is stepping aside and refraining from creating any disturbance in the investigation. 

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