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Max Areeg Ex Husband: Explore People Reaction On Reddit

The article elaborates on Max Areeg Ex Husband Viral Video and highlights netizens’ reaction to Max Areeg Reddit.

The internet is a volatile platform where anything happening can spread as wildfire. However, the crux is understanding if the news is authentic or manipulated. Hence, we expect users to follow caution before sharing any video or news by researching it thoroughly.

Besides, the internet also experiences the resurfacing of news which may be months old. One such news currently trending on the internet across the United States is of Max Areeg Ex Husband. The couple came under the radar of netizens after posting their video together after separation. This created quite a spark across social media.

In this article, we will elaborate more about the news

What is the News About Max Areeg Ex Husband?

Max Areeg is a social media influencer whose videos have earned much traction on the internet. He is active on TikTok and regularly posts short videos on the platform. Before his separation, he often posted videos with his current ex-wife. Together, they have a son whom they are co-parenting. However, there is something else that caught the attention of the users.

The video dates back to March 2023, when Mr. Areeg posted a video on TikTok. This video gained much attention from social media users and soon became a discussion topic on Max Areeg Reddit. The video showcases Max and his ex-wife indulging in birthday preparation for their son while the latter sleeps.

What is the News About Max Areeg Ex Husband

While many found this video a sweet gesture to bring in their son’s 9th birthday, it also faced a few criticisms. In the coming section, we will highlight more on what exactly the video includes and the netizen’s reaction.

What is the reaction of netizens on Max Areeg Reddit?

What is the reaction of netizens on Max Areeg Reddit

According to sources, the couple is currently co-parenting their only son. The video showcases sweet moments shared by the couple while preparing for their son’s birthday celebration. In the video clipping, the couple is seen goofing up together, filling balloons, and laughing while hanging the streamers. Besides, in one of the frames, Max’s ex-wife is seen climbing to fix the balloons to the ceiling. Later, they are seen cracking up in laughter as Mr. Areeg tries to maintain balancer.

Based on the discussions on Max Areeg Reddit, netizens applaud the cordial relationship between the two. Many have highlighted how the couples are uplifting their son’s birthday mood. In addition, a few others are seen asking the couple to call off their divorce and come together again as per sources.

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More Details on the Video

More Details on the Video

At the end of the video, Mr. Areeg and his ex-wife are relaxing on a sofa while watching the latest episode of the series New Girl. Besides, Mr. Areeg is also seen playfully throwing a pillow at his ex-wife’s head while she is sneakily recording him.

The video on Max Areeg Ex Husband and his ex-wife also received little criticism. They called out on giving mixed signals to their children, while others spoke about how healthy co-parenting can help enrich the relationship with their son.

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Final Conclusion

Overall, the video on TikTok, which Max Areeg uploaded, received mixed reviews. The couple co-parenting their son posted this sweet video on TikTok in March 2023. Soon after the video by Max Areeg Ex Husband was uploaded, it received much traction from netizens. In this article, we have covered all the information available. What is your opinion on co-parenting a child? To learn more about Max Areeg, click.

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