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[Watch Video] Matthew Guerra Telegram Link: Check Information On Savannah Soto Missing, Family Details

What is Matthew Guerra Telegram Link? How did Savannah Soto go Missing? Let us search for details about his Family and Instagram.

What are the details on Matthew Guerra Telegram Link? Who is Matthew Guerra? Who is Savannah Soto? What happened to them? What was their relationship? Where were they from? People from the United StatesMexicoCanada, and the United Kingdom are trying to know details about the recent case of Matthew Guerra. Let us read the details here.

Matthew Guerra Telegram Link

22 years-old man named Matthew Guerra’s body was found in his car. Matthew and his 18-year-old pregnant girlfriend’s body was also found alongside him. His girlfriend’s name was Savannah Soto. As per the reports, the bodies were found in the car in San Antonio City. The teen Soto was from Texas. She was reported missing on 23rd December, 2023, by her family. 

The families of Matthew Guerra Savannah Soto are mourning the loss of their loved ones. Guerra’s family expressed their grief as they were cheerfully waiting for the baby. It was a baby boy named Fabian. The families were all set to welcome baby Fabian in a few days. But this heart-wrenching homicide killed not two but three people. Matthew Guerra, Savannah Soto and their baby Fabian (who was still in Savannah’s womb) died. 

Matthew Guerra Telegram Link

Reaction from the Family of Victims

Matthew and Savannah’s parents are confused. They are searching for the answers to their children’s killing. Both Savannah and Matthew were too young. Cheery on the top for the families was the baby who was just about to come on 23rd December 2023. Savannah’s delivery was due to that date. The couple was last seen at their apartment. She went Missing along with her boyfriend Matthew on 22nd December. 

The case looks like a homicide, and the families are shattered to see their loved ones perish. Savannah’s mom said that it was just her daughter’s wrong timing. She was present there at the scene at just the wrong time. They said the case could have been linked with Guerra, and their daughter was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Reaction from the Family of Victims

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What are their Instagram Handles?  

The couple’s social media accounts are not traceable. Also, there is a lot of news regarding the couple’s murder on Instagram. There are video from news channels. People are reacting to the case and the Soto family is heartbroken. They are silently accusing Matthew for this incident. As per Soto’s mother and father, their relationship was filled with physical harm that Guerra would cause to Soto. 

Before Savannah went Missing, she missed her birth-giving induction appointment with the doctor. Father Soto also claimed that Matthew was not a good guy, and they tried to convince Savannah to get out of that relationship. But she never listened to them. As per Soto’s grandmother, Rachel, Savannah was excited to become a mother. The police also confirmed a gunshot wound of Matthew’s head. 


In today’s article Matthew Guerra Savannah Soto murder, has explained all the background details about the couple and their untimely death. We have also explained that Savannah was nine months pregnant and soon delivering baby Fabian. The families were excited to welcome the baby. Although, their relationship was not great, Savannah and Matthew were trying to make their relationship work after pregnancy. For more details, click here to watch the news.

Why does the Soto Family accuse Matthew for everything? If you know the answer, please comment below.

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