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[Update] Matt Walsh Hacked Tweets: Is His Phone & Twitter Was Under Control Of Other Person? Check Now!

In this article, you will find about Matt Walsh Hacked Tweets. Check out the complete reporting with the hacker and his tweets.

Did you Know Matt Walsh’s Twitter was hacked? Who is the hacker of Matt’s Twitter? Why was the reporter of Wired suspended from Twitter? The news broke in the United States that the Twitter account of Matt Walsh was hacked. People are questioning the privacy of accounts from Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter. 

However, the hacker committed no harm to the account Walsh. During a report with Wired generalist Dell Cameron, he told about the reason behind the hacking. Find out what are the Matt Walsh Hacked Tweets.


Controversial report

A hacker named Doomed took over the Twitter handle of right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh. He posted many tweets on Matt’s account for fun. During an interview with Wired, generalist Cameron Doomed mentioned that he hacked his account of Matt because he was feeling bored. Dommed said that he wanted some drama from the political accounts, so he took over his social media account of Walsh. 

He tweets many posts from Matt’s account, like “Joe Rogan is a Paedophile,”; “I can confirm that Andrew Tate kidnapped those girls,” and many more.

Matt Walsh Twitter was full of controversial and funny tweets. When Matt came to know that his account was hacked, he reported the situation. He was surprised by the hacker’s statement that he did this because he was bored and had nothing to do. 

Elon Musk Ban Dell Cameron

After reporting the hacker, the Weird reporter Dell Cameron posted the pictures and set the information about the hacker on Twitter. In the action of violating the rules of Twitter by publishing hacker tweets, Elon Musk suspended Cameron permanently from Twitter. People were making fun of the situation and Dell’s reposting. 

Matt Walsh Phone Hacked

There was a surprising reveal that Doomed hacked the phone of Matt Walsh. During the reporting, he revealed that he initially hacked his phone to access his social media account. Therefore, he had access to his Microsoft and Google accounts after the process. 

Dommed said in the report that hacking anyone’s phone with a famous term called sim swapping is very easy. In this process, you have to contact the dealer of the SIM to verify and assure him that the sim belongs to you. After your verification, they will give you access. He also mentioned that some insiders helped him hack Walsh’s phone. 

Public Reaction to Matt Walsh Twitter

People are terrified by the privacy policy of Twitter as, according to hackers, it is very easy to access anyone’s account. Moreover, he has the information that how he hacked the account while reporting with a Wired reporter. Although the CEO of Twitter couldn’t do anything about the hacker.

What is Matt’s reaction to the hacking 

Met was feeling sick when he came to find out that someone was posting tweets from his account. In addition, after the reveal of the information that someone insider helped him to take over Matt’s social media and phone access, he was pissed.

Matt Walsh Hacked Tweets: Social media link



Final Verdict

The Twitter account of Matt Walsh was hacked by a hacker called Doomed. He has no intention to do any harm but to make a controversial statement by the account of Matt Walsh. He came in reporting with wired generalist Dell Cameron who said he did this because he was bored. Doomed posted multiple tweets through Matt’s account full of controversy and funny comments.

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Matt Walsh Hacked Tweets: FAQs

Q1. What is the date of birth of Matt Walsh?

Met was born on 18 June 1986. He is 36 years old.

Q2. How many children does Matt Walsh have?

He has six children.

Q3. What is the real name of the hacker?

The hacker is popular with the alias name Doomed.

Q4. Why did Elon Musk block the Twitter account of Dell Cameron?

Dell Cameron posted pictures, tweets, and information about the hacker on social media, resulting in a privacy violation.

Q5. What are the popular tweets of Doomed?

Doomed tweeted about “Joe Rogan is a paedophile,” “Andrew Tate is a kidnapper,” etc., 

Q6. Why did Doomed come in reporting with Wired?

He came in the reporting with Wired because you want to explain that he has no intention to harm Matt’s privacy. 

Q7. Is Matt Walsh Twitter still hacked?

There is no exact confirmation available whether the account is hacked or free.

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