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{Trend Full Video} Matt Rife Viral Video Lazy Hero: Is First Clip On TikTok

How is Matt Rife Viral Video Lazy Hero? Which was his First Clip that went trending on TikTok

What are the details about Matt Rife Viral Video Lazy Hero? Who is Matt Rife? Why is Matt Rife trending on social media? Is he a comedian or an actor? People from the United States have a lot of questions about Matt. Thus, we have decided to answer all the questions through this article about Matt Rife. 

Matt Rife Viral Video Lazy Hero

Matt Rife went viral on social media recently. Matt was a recent guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and he talked about his struggles as a stand-up comedian. Matt’s episode of Jimmy Fallon’s performance has gone viral. Rife has disclosed how he thought of quitting comedy because he was unsuccessful. 

Soon after some time, Matt Rife First Viral Video happened. He posted a video, ‘The Lazy Hero’ on his TikTok account, which got viral overnight. After his Lazy Hero video went viral, he burst onto the scene, and his other videos started to go viral. Over a few days, the video continued to amass millions of views. 

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The Lazy Hero Matt Rife & More

On the Jimmy Fallon Show last night, Matt talked about posting videos of TikTok and his social media accounts constantly. Even though he did not like social media, he published his stand-up videos. But, when he lost all hope, one of his video clips went viral. In a matter of 14 months, his life changed. 

Before Matt Rife First Viral TikTok, he could not sell tickets to his shows at any club. Today, he has sold over 600,000 tickets for his upcoming ‘Problematic World Tour.’ The video clip of Fallon’s show with Matt Rife has got over 500,000 views on YouTube. 

Personal Details on Matt Rife the Lazy Hero Clip 

Matt was born in Columbus, Ohio, on 10th September 1995. He has been doing stand-up comedy since he was 15 years old. He told on the show that his grandfather was his biggest supporter and always encouraged him to do stand-up comedy. He used to perform at a local bringers’ club. 

Matt Rife First Viral Video was like a reward for his hard work. His full name is Matthew Steven Rife. His upbringing happened in North Lewisburg. He has been doing comedy for the past 11 years. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 

The Lazy Hero Matt Rife Social Media 

Matt Rife is famous on social media. Here, we will discuss his social media accounts. 


Rife has six Million followers.


On Facebook, Matt has 3 million followers and has mentioned himself as a Comedian.


Matt has more than 250 thousand followers on his Twitter.


Matt Rife has 1.75 million subscribers on his channel. 


In today’s article, we discussed Matt Rife First Viral TikTok. Recently, Matt Rife has been a guest on the Jimmy Fallon show, and since then, his interview has been trending on social media. He talked about his struggle to achieve his dreams and aspirations as a stand-up comedian. He talked about his video ‘The Lazy Hero’ clip going viral on TikTok. If you want to watch his interview with Jimmy Fallon, click here.

Have you seen Matt Rife the Lazy Hero Clip? Please let us know if you liked Matt’s comedy in the comments. 

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