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Mary Lou Retton Scam : What Is Her Net Worth? Who Is She Married To? Is She Broke? Check Here

What are the details of Mary Lou Retton Scam? What is her Net Worth? Is she Broke? Who is she Married To?

Is there any Mary Lou Retton Scam? Why is Mary Lou trending on social media? Who is Mary Lou Retton? Is Mary Lou Retton married or not? Is Mary without money? Is there any scam related to Mary? People from the United States are searching for details about Mary Lou Retton and a scam related to her. 

Mary Lou Retton Scam Details

Mary Lou Retton, whose name is well-known in the gymnastics community. She won the first-ever gold as a woman gymnast in the 1984 Olympics for her country. But, it is very unfortunate news to learn about the condition of Mary. 

Recently, she has been in the hospital’s ICU ward. Because she has a rare condition, which has gotten worse, her daughter explained the ordeal. She is fighting for her life, and her family is collecting money to pay for her medical bills. This insurance system failure is being called a scam by the netizens. 

Is Mary Lou Retton Broke?

Mary’s daughter, Shayla Kelly, has spoken about her mother’s condition. And the medical bills that they are unable to pay. Thus, they have to start a fundraiser. People are shocked to learn about it. They are wondering if an Olympic gold medallist cannot afford medical treatment and what will happen to others. 

Everyone has started questioning the system and worried about the future of the uninsured. Retton has a rare illness. Mary Lou is in the hospital. Mary’s life is in danger. Her family raised $200,000 from the online community.

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Who Is Mary Lou Retton Married To?

Retton is a native of West Virginia and born on January 24, 1968. Mary Lou won a gold medal at the Olympics in 1984. She gained attention when she first began practicing gymnastics at a young age. Coaches took notice of her commitment and natural talent right away. 

Then, she immediately established herself as a competitor to be reckoned with. Retton, who was only 16 at the time, created Olympic history in Los Angeles in 1984. Mary Lou was married to Shannon Kelley, but the couple got divorced in 2018. 

What Is Mary Lou Retton Net Worth? & More

Mary Lou’s net worth is mentioned as $200,000 on the internet. Her main source of income was from her gymnast career and guest appearances. Mary Lou Retton has concentrated on supporting the sport that helped her achieve so much success. 

She has worked as a pundit for gymnastics and actively promoted the sport at all levels. Retton continues to promote fitness and health, urging people of all ages to embrace active lives. Is Mary Lou Retton Broke? No, but she does not have money to pay her super-expensive medical bills. 


Mary has more than 86 thousand followers. 


In today’s article, we have discussed the current life situation of a gold medal-winning gymnast. Mary Lou Retton is currently suffering from a life-threatening rare illness. Her daughter has raised money through online platforms to pay her hospital bills. Because the medical treatment is very expensive. People are calling the system a scam for more details on Mary Lou Retton. Click here.

What Is Mary Lou Retton Net Worth? If you know the answer about Mary Lou, please comment. 

Disclaimer: There is no scam related to Mary Lou Retton. Due to her current condition, people are calling the system a scam. 

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