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The article on Marshall and Millions Original Video has provided all the details about the Canines and their owner.

Who were Million and Marshall? What happened to Marshall and Million? Do you love dogs and have a pet? If yes, then what is your pet’s name? Read this article on Marshall and Millions Original Video. People from the PhilippinesGermany, and the United States are protesting against the authorities who took charge of the dogs and assassinated them in the streets of London.


Details of the Million and Marshall Incident 

People worldwide are disappointed and shocked to discover what London police have done after 2 street dogs attacked a woman. On 7th May 2023, the incident occurred in the Poplar, London area; 2 Canines allegedly attacked and injured a woman. After that, the cops were informed and responded in the worst way possible. Police shot down both dogs, Million and Marshall. 

Disclaimer: Our Website condones any act of killing and violence. Thus, we will forbid providing any link to the Million and Marshall killing. 

More Details About Marshall and Millions Story

Marshall and Million were raised by a homeless man named Louie Turnbull (46 years old). Marshall was XL Bulldog, and he was three years old. Million was XL Alberta Bulldog (pup), just nine months old. 

As per the authorities, Turnbull is not legally eligible to adopt or raise a dog. As well as these bulldogs need socializing training so that the general public would be safe. But, Million and Marshall did not get any training. They just lived with Louie on the streets. 

How was Million & Marshall Killed?

There is a Marshall and Millions Full Video on YouTube about how the dogs were killed everywhere. But the video is very heartbreaking and distressing to watch. On 7th May, when the officers from the Metropolitan Police Department came to arrest Louie Turnbull, the dogs started to get violent to protect their owner. 

When the dogs got out of control and started attacking the cops, the officers had to shoot them down to control the situation. The gunshots killed Million and Marshall. Officers were there to arrest Louie because he was illegally raising two bulldogs, a threat to the general public. After shooting them down, police arrested Louie Turnbull. 

Public Response to Marshall and Millions Original Video

Netizens, whoever watched the video and got the news of the killing of Million and Marshall, are disheartened. They have offered their tributes and expressed their rage toward the officers. Many animal rescue organizations are protesting the killing of dogs. The attacked woman was disturbed when she learned about the dogs being shot down. Her husband said ‘their lives were as precious as a human life.’

On the contrary, many experts have sided with the police department. They claimed that the officers must have taken the action as a last resort. No cop would hurt anyone without a good reason. Marshall and Millions Original Video are trending, and animal rescue organizations from the Philippines have expressed grief. 


The article discussed the killing of Million and Marshall, two bulldogs. As per the news sources, these dogs were raised by a man living on the streets named Louie Turnbull. The dogs attacked a woman, and then when the cops went to arrest the owner. The dogs got out of control, and the police shot them down. Everyone from across the world is expressing their rage on the matter. For the details on the petition against Million and Marshall’s killing, click here

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Updates on Marshall and Millions Original Video: FAQs

Q1. Who were Million & Marshall?

A1. Million and Marshall were bulldogs raised by Louie Turnbull.

Q2. Who is Louie Turnbull?

A2. Louie was the owner of the dogs and a homeless forty-six years old man living on the streets of Poplar London.

Q3. What happened to Million & Marshall?

A3. Million & Marshall were shot down by the police on 7th May.

Q4. Why did the police officers kill the dogs?

A4. They went to arrest Louie, but the dogs wanted to protect him, and the situation escalated from there, finally killing the Canines. 

Q5. Why did the police arrest Louie?

A5. He was arrested after a complaint was filed against him and his dogs. They attacked a woman violently. 

Q6. Is the Marshall and Millions Original Video available?

A6. Yes, Million and Marshall video is present on the internet.

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